pharrell1Williams says he wasn’t popular with the opposite sex at school and was more interested in music than studying. Pharrell Williams couldn’t get any dates at high school. The producer-and-musician wasn’t popular with the opposite sex when he was growing up because he didn’t like sport. He said: “In high school I wasn’t getting girls because I wasn’t a jock.” Pharrell decided to focus all his attentions on music from an early age, but admits his success in other school subjects suffered as a result. The ‘She Wants To Move’ star explained: “I was a C/D student, but still made mostly Fs. The only thing I showed up for since seventh grade was band practice.

“I’d like to say that my humble beginning in music was that of fortune, but I’ve been smart enough to pay attention from that moment on.” It seems Grammy award-winning Pharrell is still putting his career before his personal life. The 36-year-old star recently admitted he spends most of his time in recording studios and has been working on new albums for Shakira, Usher, Rihanna and his own band NERD. Pharrell said: “Well, I have no social life, and it’s kind of cool that way.”


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