Malice and Pusha T finally linked up with Killa Cam. The Clipse and Cam’ron are set to shoot the video for their collaboration “Back by Popular Demand (Popeye’s)” on Wednesday (October 21). Pusha says the video will be real “guerilla and renegade” and not shot in New York (though we suspect otherwise). “The whole idea for the whole record came about because at the time the Clipse were real heavy on the blogs,” Push explained, sitting next to his big bro in the New York showroom of their clothing line, Play Cloths, on Tuesday.

Cam’s comeback was real heavy. We were both about to drop albums. We’re like, ‘Yo, we need to make one of them New York records — real lyrical, like, a fan record.’ We both have two really strong cult followings. From that conversation, Pharrell went into the studio and start playing with the drums and [came up with ‘Popular Demand.’ Once the title came up, it was over. Pharrell got in full Cam mode.” Skateboard P does a mean Killa mimic on the hook. “We’d been fans of Cam for a minute,” Push added. “Actually, we wanted him to get on the ‘Grindin’ remix. And he didn’t do that.” “He dissed us,” Malice inserted with a laugh. “Yeah, he dissed us on that one,” Pusha went on, grinning.

“He was like, ‘Nah.’ ” But the brothers were determined to get a Killa verse for this new record, the next single from the Clipse’s December 8 release, Till The Casket Drops. “We started reaching out to Duke [DaGod, Cam’s A&R], just making sure it happened,” Pusha recalled. “He came through and he did it. I think everybody is gonna take to this record. Everybody!” “[Cam] definitely makes sure you pay him first before he makes a move,” Malice said. “Straight up. Handle that business first. Straight up!” The Clipse recently shot the video for their “I’m Good” remix in Miami with Rick Ross. After “Back by Popular Demand,” their next video will be for a track called “Doorman.”


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