Alyssa & PharrellAlyssa & Pharrell 3

Update: November 9th

Here is a video of Pharrell, Alyssa & Martin in the studio in Miami where Pharrell talked how he came across Alyssa on Youtube when she covered I’m Yours by Jason Mraz back in 2008. Pharrell revealed that Alyssa’s album is finished and that it’s ‘Incredible’ but he said that The Neptunes didn’t work on Alyssa’s debut album.

Alyssa Bernal In The Studio With Pharrell & Martin Terefe In Miami

Alyssa Bernal – I’m Yours (Jason Mraz Cover)

Update: November 4th
Alyssa Bernal & Pharrell
has recently been in the studio with The Neptunes in Miami to discuss dreams and blessings. “At the studio in Miami 🙂 So excited! talking dreams and blessings with pharrell 🙂 he’s so sweet. he’s gonna make me cry lol”

Alyssa Bernal – First Studio Album (2009)
Producers & Guests: Martin Terefe
Confirmed Tracks:
– Hey Love
– Never Woulda
– Just In Time
– I Found You
– All I Need


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