Nicki Minaj, Leighton Meester join Thicke onstage for Sex Therapy release party. Robin Thicke arrived at his album release party at Manhattan nightspot Butter on Monday night in a high-priced tuxedo with mischievous smile as he celebrated the release of his fourth album, Sex Therapy. “It’s funny, I got this tuxedo for Puffy’s 40th birthday and I didn’t even get to hang out,” Thicke told MTV News on the red carpet. “I was working all night and then I was exhausted. So I went to the party for literally 15 minutes. So I promised the people from Burberry that I would wear this velvet tuxedo one more time.”

The dapper crooner was plenty busy on this night as well — he performed at the Nokia Theater earlier in the evening. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Island Def Jam exec L.A. Reid, John Legend, music impresario Andre Harrell and actor Michael K. Williams, were among the many in attendance to watch Thicke perform. The Los Angeles native was also joined on stage by Lil’ Wayne protege Nicki Minaj and actress Leighton Meester. “The Yankees won the championship this year — come on New York!” Thicke yelled to the crown as the strings to “Magic” rippled through the speakers. “I can make the pain disappear and I can erase the past,” he sang. “I can make the future shine so bright and I can make right now alright.”

The celebration was a reunion of sorts for Thicke. Nine years ago, when he was just an upstart protégé of Harrell’s with long, scraggly hair, the singer held an event at Butter to introduce himself to the music industry. At the time, he went only by his last name Thicke and was fighting to get out from the shadow of his famous father, actor Alan Thicke. Now, he’s a Grammy Award-winning songwriter with a thriving solo career. Thicke was frisky and flirty on stage with “Gossip Girl” actress Meester. The two duet on “Somebody To Love” from her forthcoming solo project. “He’s amazing. I love him,” Meester told MTV News recently about working with Thicke.

“I’m such a huge fan of his, and I’ve only been able to tell him today how much I love him.” The compliments were flowing as fast at the champagne was poured. Thicke gushed over Nicki Minaj. The singer called for the raptress to join him for their collaboration “Shakin’ It For Daddy.” “We gotta make room for Nicki Minaj!” Thicke said as the Young Money lyricist arrived. “How beautiful.” The two closed things out with the sexy Polow Da Don-produced banger. “Go Robin! Go Robin!” Minaj crowed as Thicke spun around and danced during her rap. “Give it up for the funkiest white boy in America!”


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