Fans had the chance to ask random questions to Star Trak recording Artist Alyssa Bernal where she answered to all their questions, check’em out ITS A LOT OF QUESTIONS YALL…

Q: Is your first single on of your covers already put on youtube, or is it a brand new song nobody has heard yet?? by Chilldude23.
A: No one has heard it yet.

Q: Did someone give you the heart neckalace you always wear? just curious!:) by jordanbb1595.
A: My aunt gave me a gift card to James Avery and I bought the charm with it and added the chain :).

Q: When are you going to meet JR? by CatttTrannn.
A: Idk.

Q: Some other country than the States you’ll like to visit some time? by irv.
A: Brazil! And France <3.

Q: Do you get recognized everywhere you go?? by Aitanaaaali.
A: Not even! I’m not very known here in San Antonio.

Q: That’s so awesome!!! when is your album coming out again? by hannahjobus.
A: There isn’t a set release date! We;re thinkin summer though :).

Q: So, when you gunna do a Gavin Degraw song? by xKylePwnsTacox.
A: I’ve actually recorded one but I never put it up, wahh sorry lol.

Q: What do you think of the new lady gaga& beyoncé ‘Telephone’ video… btw have an amazing voice and you are VERY pretty. Im so jealous:( by MiickayXx.
A: I love it! I’ve seen it like 4 times haha.

Q: Do you like Jonas Brothers? if yes Which one is your favorite? by JullysXYZ.
A: Sometimes, I like Joe! Haha.

Q: What’s you fav. movie? xo♥ by 321Christina123.
A: lovely bones!

Q: So when are you going to meet him? by CatttTrannn.
A: Meet who?.

Q: Have you ever met jr? :).
A: Nope.

Q: What do u think of justin biber….and have u met him by shawty618.
A: I can’t believe how big he got in such short amount of time! And no, not yet :).

Q: Where are your parents from? by ricardocortes10.
A: San Antonio, i think lol.

Q: Why can’t anyone understand that you and JR are just friends? lol by LissyLovesTila.
A: Beats me! I guess it’s just a juicy topic? Lol.

Q: Have you ever been to hawaii? by MaarkStoney.
A: No, I wanna gooo.

Q: Do you still accept covers requests? love your music, by the way! by fabrizziadetoni.
A: Sure! If I know them :).

Q: Hahahha this is fun! everytime i click refresh page – 5 new questions pop up, youre fast! <3 by annie13927.
A: LOL that’s pretty impressive, ey? :).

Q: Do you like of twilight? (: by olguinia.
A: Can’t get enough :).

Q: How did you get signed? by Aitanaaaali.
A: Got discovered on YouTube! Pharrell Williams then signed me. Blessed <3.

Q: My name starts with a J, do you dig me? HaHa by txpuryear.
A: Yea! Haha.

Q: Do u like selena gomez? by loyalgirl1.
A: Yes!.

Q: When you realized you want to be a singer? by JullysXYZ.
A: 3 years ago.

Q: What’s your race? by EsmeHearts.
A: Hispanic 🙂 Cherokee, German, Arab. Haha.

Q: What’s up with you and JR? And are you coming to Houston anytime soon?! by CatttTrannn.
A: Hahaha, we’re friends 🙂 Probably! That’s hella close.

Q: Where’s your favorite place to shop? you have a greeat sense of style ! (: by KristenDeee.
A: Forever 21! Thanks! I’m very technical when it comes to fashion.

Q: What´s mor important for you friends or music? by JullysXYZ.
A: TRUE friends. I’d rather have no friends at all than shady people as friends, ya know? Music will always be there, but true friends are a dime a dozen.

Q: If somebody tell you that you can make a duet with a singer….what singer will you choose? by JullysXYZ.
A: Justin Nozuka!

Q: Do you know what hell you unleash on yourself with making a formspring? lol by xKylePwnsTacox.
A: I just generally love answering questions! I have been debating for a long time, and today I just thought, ehh, what the heck hahaha.

A: Heck yeah! :).

Q: How was meeting pharrell? by FredJRiley.
A: Great! He’s a great dude. And exciting to be around. He just lights up the room haha.

Q: I love demi’s voice to. do you awser on twitter or just here? by deiasofia.
A: Sometimes on twitter. Right now I’m all about Formspring!

Q: Ever think you could have a serious relationship with JR? by CatttTrannn.
A: Wowzers. I’d have to meet him to determine that.

Q: Have you ever met Jason Mraz? 😀 by callmemk.
A: Yeah! It was unreal! Lol.

Q: Do you like conor oberst or bright eyes? 🙂 by fabrizziadetoni.
A: I’ve only listened to Bright Eyes 🙁 And he’s aiight lol.

Q: Do you like J.R. Celski? by pleasetellme.
A: Who doesn’t?

Q: Favorite fashion itemm ? by callmemk.
A: I love hats :).

Q: What are your tips on having great, stronger vocals? (: by jackiemanzo.
A: Posture! :).

Q: What do u like to do with ur free time? by loyalgirl1.
A: Sing, mess with the guitar, chat with friends, go shopping, eat! :).

Q: What are you doing right now besides madly typing ? (: lol by callmemk.
A: Hmmm, madly typing. haha! 🙂

Q: Is it hard now that your becoming a big singer. ohh btw you sing so prettyy. are you from louisville ? by boobutt1409.
A: Now yet. No, I’m from San Antonio, Texas :).

Q: You’re music is amazing! Are you ever coming to San diego to perform again? by michaaaeel.
A: Hopefully!

Q: What’s ur shampoo! (: what is ur face wash( : how do u usually do ur haiar? hahah i know it sounds odd but.. youre super pretty <3 much love girrl. I wish you all the luck in the world by annie13927.
A: I use herbal ensenses! I spelled that so wrong, haha! I use neautrogena hahah spelling again. Oh well. :).

Q: What is your favorite name? My name is Evelyn. by thatseve.
A: I love the name Adyn. And apparently I dig guys whos names start with the letter J. It always happens to me haha.

Q: Do u know who criss angel is? by loyalgirl1.
A: Yes! He’s somethin else.

Q: Do you have any Asian in your heritage? by alexxxxx817.
A: Not a bit! I wouldn’t mind if I did though :).

Q: Do you like Disney stars? if yes which one? by JullysXYZ.
A: I love em! I like: Vanessa Hudgens, Miley, Selena, and I love Demi and her amazing voice.

Q: Why are you so pretty? aha 🙂 by ollliverrrrr.
A: Awww <3 hahah.

Q: Wo do you think is the better singer! sorry to ask just want an hinest answer =): Aj rafael, Gabe bondoc or andrew garcia by hernameis.
A: hahaha put me on the spot. Well, they all have they’re own styles. But Gabe can do some really good runs! Andrew has a big range and AJ is just a great singer haha 🙂 love em all though.

Q: Are you ever gonna get sick of asking so many questions at one time? Explode? lol. by OhHeyKlaire.
A: I was so pumped at first to start answering, but now I’m just slowinggg doowwnn. lol.

Q: What is your favourite genre of music? by ollliverrrrr.
A: Indie, i think. I like a lot of versetile stuff, like the latest Jason Mraz album.

Q: If you havent been discovered,what would you do now?(btw im soo happy for you!:)) by kismeso.
A: Probably just keep doing the YouTube thing and playing out more. I’m still gonna do the YouTube thing.

Q: What year did yHu graduate; u went to jeff right? by yaSER1.
A: Class of ’08. Nope, I went to Holy Cross.

Q: Do you think the color green is cool? by supergreenboy.
A: I do!

Q: What were you like in high school? by alexxxxx817.
A: I changed every year. I was shy, and then outgoing, and just mellow :).

Q: Wait, I was going to ask if you liked sushi, but you said you don’t like wasabi, how can that be that you love sushi w/o it 🙂 P.S. I love sushi and pad thai also, the best for sure. by txpuryear.
A: It’s just sooo hot for me! I love ginger though :).

Q: How did you learn to play the guitar so quickly!? any tips!? by hernameis.
A: Ultimate Guitar. com did it for me! Honestly haha.

Q: If you could meet anyone, who would it be? by xxNicola.
A: Well, I met Jason Mraz, sooo I guess now John Mayer?? Or Corinne Bailey Rae. Oh! Ray LaMontagne.

Q: What’s the most inspirational thing to you..? by Prettychick6497.
A: Everything, almost. From other artists doing what they do, to me rehearsing with my band, just getting into the music. Successful people inspire me.

Q: Who or what inspired you to sing? by rachelleannee.
A: I think YouTube literally inspired me. The fans and artists of YouTube. Yup.

Q: What is your ALL TIME favorite song? by rachelleannee.
A: So hardd! Probably 3×5 by John Mayer or Tonight, Not Again by Jason Mraz.

Q: Do you like Ellen Degeneres? by Alexislexlexi.
A: Love her!

Q: If you could have any super power.. what would it be? by iTrick.
A: At the snap of my fingers, something; anything could appear!

Q: Heeey(: i lovee your musicc. hows lifee noww ? by boobutt1409.
A: Life’s great! busy, but great :).

Q: What is ur favorite fooooood? 🙂 by Patttywho.
A: Sushi and/or Pad Thai!!!

Q: I hope you come to the UK sometime soon :). Your amazing! What age did you learn guitar? by erinm01.
A: I think i was 18 when i started on guitar.

Q: How old were you when you started singing ? C: by callmemk.
A: Like, 3!

Q: Are you going to FAP this year? Cause Raelynne Rosales told me you were…so I got excited about possibly meeting you! 😀 by phantastikorean.
A: Possibly! I’d love to again :).

Q: Will your album be on iTunes? If yes, will it be worldwide? 🙂 by LissyLovesTila.
A: Yes, it’s going to be everywhere, depending on the feedback from that country!

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop? by jeanellec.
A: Forever21, Target, Charlotte Russe. :).

Q: Whos your favourite you tuber? by hernameis.
A: That’s hard to say! Probably KristineKraft since she’s my best friend and never updates. So when she does, it’s very exciting!

Q: Did you ever take singing lessons? (: by piayadao.
A: Just had my 2nd ever voice lesson yesterday haha.

Q: Are you and J.R. Celski dating? by pleasetellme.
A: You have to meet to date lol We’re getting to be great buddies though.

Q: When will your album be finished by? roughly if you dont have the exact month 🙂 by missrockin360.
A: It’s done technically, it’s just getting mixed and mastered right now 🙂

Q: Whats your favorite animal? by Alow8111.
A: Dogs are so rad!

Q: Hey whens ur album out? and do you have any duets? by hernameis.
A: Hopefully summer time! We have not came up with a release date yet. But that’s the idea. And you’re just going to have to find out :).

Q: YOU SAID ” My dream is to write and sing to people music they can get lost in. I wanna be able to sing to people and they fall in love with me 🙂 ” .. well i already fell in love lol jk but really we should do a song together by lilkhris.
A: <3 thanks so much haha!

Q: Would you come to London to do a concert at at my school cos we’re all huge fans 🙂 by LittleToee96.
A: I hope soon! I loved and miss London :).

Q: Who is your idol? by haileyyodiggity.
A: Mraz!

Q: Have you ever gone to Brazil? what do you think about it? by giberetta.
A: I’ve never been! But I would imagine it is very beautiful.

Q: Do you get annoyed if people say you look like Vanessa Hudgens ? 😛 by callmemk.
A: Not at all :).

Q: Favorite movie ? (: by callmemk.
A: The Lovely Bones!

Q: Hi Alyssa, I just recently found your Train cover on youtube and have been listening to it non-stop ever since! I love ur voice!! Just wanted to know what nationality are you? by lilaznangel16.
A: Thanks! 🙂 i am hispanic, latina, Mexican-American. Whatever you wanna call it.

Q: Would you Jam with Ryan Cordero? by Xiand3.
A: Never heard of him, but sure!

Q: Do you have any tips how to make your voice sound better? 🙂 by LissyLovesTila.
A: Posture is everything! I’ve learned the hard way.

Q: What’s the nicest thing someone’s ever done for you?
A: Bring me flowers and candy just because I was having a bad day.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?
A: Competative cheerleading! I do consider it a sport, it was tough.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
A: Good question! Probably wasabi, it’s so green and intense! Not good at all haha.

Q: How are you? 🙂 by LissyLovesTila.
A: Not too shaby!

Q: Just though i’d be the first to write. you have an amazing voice. i’m a big fan. do you ever sit down and think of how unreal things are for you? by jmattoss.
A: Everyday. I dream about them, even! 🙂 <3.

Q: Do you like to be an artist? by RealPaulaTrs.
A: Absolutely love it!

Q: What is your favorite song to sing, randomly ? lol by callmemk.
A: Probably my single hahah.

Q: You’re from san antonio? im from dfw area!! where did you go to school, and what did you major in? by hannahjobus.
A: I am! well i was going to San Antonio College majoring in music, but I had to withdraw because of the busy music schedule.

Q: Heey 🙂 your an amazing singer will you been in scotland any time soon or have you been to scotland 🙂 ? by emmaxmckeever.
A: I really do see me touring there! So definately look forward to it! I’ve never been though.

Q: Do you wear makeup? by dazzlelight08.
A: I do! I try to keep it light.

Q: Your so pretty ! are you going out with anyone ? by JRomeLikesNikes.
A: No, since recently :).

Q: Who are your idols/role models? 🙂 by hopetranter.
A: Jason Mraz, Corinne Bailey Rae, and recently JR Celski :).

Q: How long do you plan on singing for? (: by thisgirlhurr.
A: As long as I can sing at all :).

Q: Do you pretend to be a professional singer? and how old are you? you’re amazing, i love your voice 🙂 by lorenamsad.
A: I’d like to technically think I am suppose to be, lol. But yes, all the time. Thanks!

Q: Any ideas when you’ll be hooking up with Todd and Cherry next? by DappyCat.
A: Aw I miss them. Probably when I go to London again to make my 2nd album. :(.

Q: When will you do a blogTV show? aTexasGuy by txpuryear.
A: Ah thanks for reminding me! Not too sure. Soon though! Keep following :).

Q: Hello Alyssa! The first thing I want to tell you is I love your voice 😀 And noww my question… Do you speak any Spanish? by Angiebcn89.
A: I understand more than I speak! I’ve been meaning to sing a song in spanish btw.

Q: Heey what is your fave color? by demitillett.
A: Turquoise!

Q: What’s your most memorable experience so far? by gow87.
A: Being introduced by Pharrell at his concert in Austin in front of thousands of people!

Q: Wat age r u ??? by MoNkEy21196.
A: I am 20 years of age.

Q: Whats us your dream ? like perform in front of millions or ??? 😉 by lilkhris.
A: My dream is to write and sing to people music they can get lost in. I wanna be able to sing to people and they fall in love with me 🙂

Q: Will you ever go to florida to play a show? 🙂 if love to see you play in person! youre such a great singer !i admire you by helengoytizolo.

A: I would love to! Thanks! :).


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