‘If you can find something positive in here that motivates you, then this album is for you,’ Pharrell tells MTV News. N*E*R*D have said that their upcoming album, Nothing, will be a “psychedelic” romp through the throwback counterculture vibes of yesteryear inspired by, among other things, women. However, the band recently made it clear that while the release caters to the ladies, all fans are welcome to the party. “Women are essential to life on this planet,” frontman Pharrell told MTV News when the group stopped by the newsroom Monday. “They just hold a very sacred place, they always have for me. My taste and appetite for women has been clearly evident in my music and my videos.

We just felt like that was the sweetest spot for us to concentrate on. Having that in mind, just because the concept of the album is us having a conversation with women at a roundtable, it doesn’t mean that that’s what the audience is about.” The producer and rapper likened the project to a chick flick geared toward a certain type of woman but ropes in other fans as well. “The audience for [the album] is just like any other film,” Pharrell said. “Like a Sandra Bullock film. The concept may be geared toward a chick-based theme, but of course those audiences are not 100 percent women. There’s just all kinds of human beings who just wanna be entertained by that particular story. That’s the concept here. This album is meant and intended to inspire humans. Man, woman, whatever you are. If you can find something positive in here that motivates you, then this album is for you.”

Chad Hugo chimed in as well, joking that fans can enjoy Nothing “even if you’re not human” and adding that the album’s appeal extends to “cats and dogs” too. The fellas revealed that they pushed back the album but also gave up a few details about their new single. While they didn’t reveal the title, they did hint that the track will feature a special guest and that “it’s like the ultimate party song.” Shay Haley said the track is inspired by a hard-partying night in Europe. “We were in Monaco, and we were looking around, and we were just seeing how people were having a great time and you couldn’t tell them sh–. It was like 5 in the morning, and you would have thought it was like 1,” Shay said. “People were partying just as hard, so we were like, ‘Whoa.’ “


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