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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

N*E*R*D – Nothing (2010) (Credits), Reviews

While Checking out the Nothing credits, you can see that N*E*R*D didn’t quite got rid of Rhea, she’s credited for having background vocals on ‘Victory’, ‘I’ve Seen The Light’, ‘Life As A Fish’ and ‘Sacred Temple’ among other guest appearances such as T. I. on ‘Party People’, Nelly Furtado on ‘Hot-N-Fun’ and Swizz Beatz (Uncredited) on ‘It’s In The Air’ and SpyMob member Brent Paschke is playing the guitars on ‘I Wanna Jam’ while Jason Carder is doing the trumphet on almost every tune. If you’re wondering who The Muffin Girls from ‘The Man‘ are, that are just some random girls who gave background vocals reffering to Muffin as a Girl and as we already know ‘Hypnotize U’ is produced by Daft Punk, check out the full scans and the reviews below, thanks to Borsboom for the scans.

N*E*R*D – Nothing (2010)
01 – Party People feat. T. I.
02 – Hypnotize U
03 – Help Me
04 – Victory
05 – Perfect Defect
06 – I’ve Seen The Light
07 – Inside Of Clouds
08 – God Bless Us All
09 – Life As A Fish
10 – Nothing On You
11 – Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado
12 – It’s In The Air feat. Swizz Beatz (Deluxe Bonus)
13 – Criticism (Skit) (Deluxe Bonus)
14 – Sacred Temple (Deluxe Bonus)
15 – I Wanna Jam (Deluxe Bonus)
16 – The Man (Deluxe Bonus)
17 – Ride That Thang feat. Fam-Lay (Amazon Bonus)
18 – Fuego (iTunes Bonus)

Download the full Digital Scans Here !

Nothing Reviews 3/4
* 3/5

* 3.5/5

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