Pharrell and Asher Roth put on the finishing touches of some of the songs off of Asher’s upcoming album, “The Spaghetti Tree“. Here is in the meanwhile these studio session snippets. “It was pretty cool/funny to see the music genius Pharrell produce this session. Very good chemistry as far as creating music. We was down there while it was all snowy in New York. We had a blast. I think we have some really beautiful music for warm weather. He really is a genius. Working with him, it’s really fast. We wound up doing 12 records in 12 days, which is really good numbers.

It’s quick. He gets an idea and he harnesses that idea really quick. It’s cool when someone like me gets to step into the studio with him. I feel it’s probably different vibes. I feel like it’s different vibes. Even though he works with everyone from Britney to the Clipse, he can do that because he stays in his lane. He stays true to himself. He’s got a very real sound he’s harnessed with The Neptunes stuff; he’s got a real sound he’s harnessed with N*E*R*D. We wrote 12 different records. We didn’t try to write one record 12 times — we have stuff all over the map, from live drums that are going to incorporate itself well into a live show … I’m excited for you guys to hear that stuff.”

Asher Roth – Let It Rock (Snippet) (11′)

Asher Roth – The Beast (Snippet) (11′)


Asher Roth – The Spaghetti Tree
* Cheat So Bad feat. Pharrell
* Let It Rock
* The Beast
(+ 9 Tracks)

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