The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Introducing New Star Trak Artist Cris Cab

So after several months, we finally can confirm that Cris Cab is indeed a new Star Trak artist according to Spy Mob’s Brent Paschke. He tweeted last night that we should check out Cris Cab’s
Black & Yellow
cover of Wiz Khalifa saying that it’s Pharrell’s artist. “On flight back from Miami. Great seeing @Criscabmusic, Pharrell & the rest of the cris cab crew” “Check out Cris’s new cover! Sick. Pharrell artist. Cris Cab – Black and Yellow Cover” Pharrell introduced local Miami musician Cris Cab poolside outside the Fontainebleau’s nightclub, Arkadia back in December 2010. The 18 year-old Miami native, Cab has been writing music for the past three years and is currently recording his first album.

Cris just turned 18 on January 14th having Pharrell, Pitbull and others at Rokbar supporting Cris 18th birthday and his upcoming spring tour. His favorite artists and bands include Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Sublime and Cold Play But he also likes hip hop and rap and they definitely influence much of the music he is writing today. His recent performances include multiple venues in and around the Miami area, as well as shows in the Bahamas. Cab cites his Cuban descent and his frequent visits to the Bahamas as part of the inspiration for his unique musical sound, which draws on reggae, as well as hip hop and rap influences. Although new to the scene, Cab graced the stage with confidence and an eagerness to perform. Check out some of his videos from youtube below including his smash hit right now the Black & Yellow cover by Wiz Khalifa.


Cris Cab – Black & Yellow (Wiz Khalifa Cover)

Cris Cab – My Life

Cris Cab – Scandalous

Cris Cab – Let Go

Cris Cab – Party Degree Events (Live At Pots In Tallahassee)

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