You guessed right, there is no new Neptunes track on the new Lupe Fiasco album Lasers besides ‘I’m Beaming’, sad isn’t it, but I don’t think its Lupe’s fault though we all know what happened with Atlanta and Lupe, overall we can be glad ‘I’m Beaming’ is releasing, check out the full credits.

Lupe Fiasco – Lasers (2011)
01 – Letting Go feat. Sarah Green (The Future)
02 – Words I Never Said feat. Skylar Grey (Alex Da Kid)
03 – Till I Get There (Needlz)
04 – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now feat. MDMA (The Audibles)
05 – Out Of My Head feat. Trey Songz (Miykal Snoddy)
06 – The Show Goes On (Kane Beatz)
07 – Beautiful Lasers (2Ways) feat. MDMA (The Future)
08 – Coming Up feat. MDMA (The Future)
09 – State Run Radio feat. Matt Mahaffey (The Future)
10 – Break The Chain feat. Eric Turner & Sway (iSHi)
11 – All Black Everything (Wizzo Buchanan)
12 – Never Forget You feat. John Legend (Wonda & Arden Altino)
13 – I’m Beamin’ (The Neptunes) (iTunes Bonus)
14 – Shining Down feat. Matthew Santos (Soundtrakk) (iTunes Bonus)

You can purchase the album Here.