FADER TV Interviewed UK sensation Tinie Tempah where he revealed that he worked with The Neptunes for 2 days in Miami. Tinie Tempah became the best selling British debut act of 2010. Being a vigorous young lad such as Tinie Tempah makes challenges of the sort quite simple. In 2010 he released three hit singles in the UK, the head banger Pass Out, Frisky, and Written In The Stars. Produced by popular Swedish producer Ishi, Written In The Stars has sold over one million in the UK alone since it’s release in Sept 19 2010.

Tinie honestly shares with listeners his future plans, past struggles, and present happiness making for one motivational song. In return for being so honest, the track was able to connect with tons of listerners and is probably the reason it reached #1 on the Billboard charts. In addition, Tempah scored big with both singles Frisky & Pass Out selling upwards of 750,000 copies, thanks to Thelonius 7.

FADER TV x Tinie Tempah Interview

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