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Earl Sweatshirt – Feet (Snippet) (The Neptunes) (13′)

Here is a glimpse of Earl Sweatshirt’s leftover tune ‘Feet’ produced by The Neptunes. It was supposed to be on Earl Sweatshirt’s debut album ‘Doris’ in 2013, but it didn’t make the cut, check out the first tune in the video below.

Justin Timberlake Previews New Album, Talks Why He Didn’t Work With The Neptunes Since 2002

Justin Timberlake has shared a new behind-the-scenes video about the making of his forthcoming album Man Of The Woods. The clip features appearances from Pharrell, Chad, Timbaland, Jessica Biel and Chris Stapleton, as well as previews of new music. Man Of The Woods is out February 2 (via RCA). It’s led by the single “Filthy,” his next single is called ‘Supplies’ produced by The Neptunes which will be out tonight!

It’s the first time The Neptunes worked on a Timberlake album since the singer’s 2002 solo debut Justified. In a new interview with Zane Lowe, Timberlake has now revealed the reason behind the decade-plus gap in collaboration, and it had to do with Clipse and their troubles with Jive Records. “Everyone remembers Clipse,” Timberlake began. Clipse was signed to Jive Records, which I was signed to. I don’t know what went on with their deal, but I do remember that Pharrell was very adamant about getting them out of the deal. So it became—from my understanding, you know—it became challenging for him to work with any Jive artist at that point.”

In the early ‘00s, Clipse, childhood friends of Pharrell and Chad—were signed to The Neptunes’ Star Trak Entertainment, an imprint of Arista. But label restructuring in 2004 left Clipse on Jive Records, separated from Star Trak, which became part of Interscope. Clipse sued Jive to get out of their contract and join Star Trak at Interscope, and though the suit was eventually settled with Jive agreeing to distribute Clipse’s Re-Up Gang Records, the bad blood persisted until 2007, when Clipse finally left Jive for Columbia Records.

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Timberlake continued: “If I’m being totally honest about it I was extremely hurt being caught up in the middle of it, but at the same time I had—listen—I had a shitload of money stolen, you know, from me by somebody else when I was in the group [*NSYNC]. I had already gone through legal troubles, and I kind of felt like, you know what, I’m at this point where I feel like I have so much ahead of me, I just don’t want to be in the middle of the record label and somebody that, you know, I consider a friend. And so I feel like I kind of just removed myself from the situation.

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When Timberlake says he “had a shitload of money stolen” it is possible that he’s referring to the late Lou Pearlman, the manager who helped launched *NSYNC’s career. Pearlman sued the boy band in the late ’90s. Timberlake’s comments about Jive echo remarks Pharrell made back in 2005. “Me and Justin are good friends and I wanna work on his album [FutureSex/LoveSounds], but there are political issues with where he’s signed,” he said, according to MTV. “I can’t get into it, but all I’m saying is Justin is my boy, he’s like a little bro to me, but I can’t really… the company that he’s with….”

SUPPLIES. Tomorrow at 8am EST. 🎥: @dave_meyers @eizagonzalez @pharrell

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Justin Timberlake – Man Of The Woods (2018) (February 2)
01 – Filthy (Timbaland & Danja)
02 – Midnight Summer Jam (The Neptunes)
03 – Sauce (Timbaland & Danja)
04 – Man Of The Woods (The Neptunes)
05 – Higher, Higher (The Neptunes)
06 – Wave (The Neptunes)
07 – Supplies (The Neptunes)
08 – Morning Light feat. Alicia Keys) (Rob Knox)
09 – Say Something feat. Chris Stapleton (Timbaland & Danja)
10 – Hers (Interlude) (Justin Timberlake)
11 – Flannel (The Neptunes)
12 – Montana (The Neptunes)
13 – Breeze Off The Pond (The Neptunes)
14 – Livin’ Off The Land (The Neptunes)
15 – The Hard Stuff (Rob Knox)
16 – Young Man

Justin Timberlake To Release Neptunes Single This Friday Titled ‘Supplies’ (Preview)

The Time is near. After almost 8 Years, we are getting a new Neptunes x JT Collaboration! Justin’s new single, which is rumoured to be called ‘Supplies’, has been played at the 1 OAK club in New York last night where they also revealed that the single will be released on Thursday Midnight and judging by the Tracklist Chad Hugo’s Wife posted last week, it’s a Neptunes Track! Pharrell also kind of confirmed it’s produced by The Neptunes on his Instagram. If you can wait til Friday, scroll down for some of the snippets of the song, me personally haven’t heard it yet!

The Neptunes & Kelis In 2000

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The Neptunes With Daft Punk (2001)

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The Neptunes working on their Daft Punk ‘Harder Better Faster StrongerRemix in 2001.

Joe Kay’s Soulection Radio Show #335 With The Neptunes Mix (2017)

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Joe Kay decided to put a whole 1h15min show dedicated to Pharrell & Chad on his latest Soulection Radio Show #335, check it out from 47:45 including the Tracklist below.

– Kelis – Ghetto Children feat. N*E*R*D & Marc Dorsey (99′)
– Buddy – Staircases (Instrumental) (DJ) (12′)
– Kelis – Get Along With You (Pharrell’s Edit) (00′)
– Guru – Supa Love (Instrumental) (00′)
– NE*R*D – Lasergun Carrying (DJ Freakiii Remake) (08′)
– Jay-Z – Change Clothes (Instrumental) (03′)
– Kelis – Popular Thug (Remix) (Instrumental) (03′)
– Babyface – There She Goes feat. Pharrell (01′)
– Kelis – Junkie For Your Love (01′)
– Fam-Lay – Get That Work Up (Instrumental) (DJ) (09′)
– Babyface – Stressed Out feat. Pharrell (01′)
– Donell Jones x Babyface – U Know Whats Up/There She Goes (Duncan Gerow Remix) (13′)
– Rosco P. Coldchain – Hot feat. Pusha T. & Boo Bonic (03′)
– Mystikal – Danger (Been So Long) feat. Nivea (00′)
– Pharrell Williams – That Girl (Instrumental) (06′)
– Q-Tip – For The Nasty (Instrumental) (05′)
– N’ Sync – Girlfriend (Remix) (Instrumental) (02′)
– N*E*R*D – Run To The Sun (Instrumental) (02′)
– N*E*R*D – Truth Or Dare feat. Kelis & Pusha T. (02′)
– N*E*R*D – Don’t Worry About It (04′)
– Fam-Lay – Strung Owt (DJ Freakiii Instrumental Remake) (06′)
– Clipse – Mr. Me Too (Instrumental) (06′)
– Clipse – Ma I Don’t Love Her feat. Pharrell & Faith Evans (02′)
– Fabolous – Young & Sexy feat. Pharrell & Mike Shorey (04′)
– Beenie Man – Girls Dem Sugar feat. Pharrell & Mýa (00′)
– Mase – Looking At Me (Instrumental) (97′)
– Jadakiss – Knock Yourself Out (Instrumental) (01′)
– Lupe Fiasco – I Gotcha (Instrumental) (06′)
– Jay-Z – Allure (Instrumental) (DJ) (03′)
– 702 – I Still Love You (Instrumental) (03′)
– Clipse – Virginia (Instrumental) (02′)
– The Neptunes – Clones (Intro) (03′)
– N*E*R*D – Inside Of Clouds (DJ Freakiii Edit) (10′)
– Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss Again (La La La) (Instrumental) (03′)
– P. Diddy – D.I.D.D.Y. (Instrumental) (01′)
– Ray J – Wait A Minute (Instrumental) (01′)
– Clipse – Let’s Talk About It (Instrumental) (02′)
– Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body (Instrumental) (02′)
– Snoop Dogg – Beautiful (Instrumental) (02′)
– N*E*R*D – Lapdance (Instrumental) (01′)
– Justin Timberlake x Britney Spears – Like I Love You/I’m A Slave 4 U feat. Clipse (Duncan Gerow Mix) (16′)
– Kelis – Flashback (01′)
– Twista – Give It Up (Instrumental) (07′)
– Gloria Estefan – Heat (11′)
– N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (Instrumental) (10′)
– N*E*R*D – Am I High feat. Malice & John Ostby (02′)
– Sade – By Your Side (The Neptunes Remix) (DJ) (00′) (DJ)

The Neptunes In 2001

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Photographer Jonathan Mannion Remembers Working With The Neptunes In 2002

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Legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion tells the story behind Pharrell and Chad Hugo’s 2002 FADER cover story. Fifteen years ago, N*E*R*D’s Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo covered the 11th print issue of The FADER. Photographer Jonathan Mannion, who has shot iconic photos of pretty much every rapper for the last several decades (including DMX, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Outkast), was behind the camera. Over the phone, Mannion recalled the energy on set 15 years ago, how he helped facilitate the right vibes, and what it was like to witness Pharrell and Chad’s effortless chemistry.

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JONATHAN MANNION: This was the first time that I photographed Pharrell, and with Chad showing up as well it was like, OK this feels like a big deal. I knew him from working with Kelis before her first project came out. There was a reshoot of the Kaleidoscope album that I did, which yielded the cover, so there were quick meetings, and we kind of had each other’s vibes down and had the respect knowing what each of us have done for this industry.



The Neptunes In VIBE Magazine 1999

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Thanks to Hunter.

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