The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Chad Hugo On The New Beyonce Album ?

A tracklist of Beyonce’s new album titled 4 (2011) due June 24 is floating around the net including credits where Chad Hugo is listed as one of the Composer/Writer, now that’s some great news there, but it has to be confirmed yet, nonetheless can’t wait for more information if its true.

Beyonce – 4 (2011) (June 24)
01 – 1+1
02 – I Care
03 – I Miss You
‎04 – Best Thing I Never Had
05 – Party feat. Andre 3000
06 – Rather Die Young
07 – Start Over
08 – Love On Top
09 – Countdown
10 – End Of Time
11 – I Was Here
‎12 – Run The World (Girls)
13 – Dreaming (Japan Bonus)
14 – Lay Up Under Me (Deluxe Bonus)
15 – Schoolin’ Life (Deluxe Bonus)
16 – Dance For You (Deluxe Bonus)
17 – Run The World (Girls) (Kaskade Club Remix) (Deluxe Bonus)
18 – Run The World (Girls) (RedtopClub Remix) (Deluxe Bonus)
19 – Run The World (Girls) (Jochen Simms Club Remix) (Deluxe Bonus)

Bhasker, Jeff; Brathwaite, Val; Dixon, Antonio; Edmonds, Kenneth “Babyface”; Gray, Mark; Griffin, Jr., Larry; Harrell, Kuk; Knowles, Beyoncé; Kutzle, Brent; McCampbell, Caleb; Seaford, Phil; Sherwood, Jason; Steele, Luke; Steven Dennis; Stewart, Christopher; Switch; Taylor, Shea; Tedder, Ryan; Terius “The-Dream” Nash; Terius Nash; Thomas, Brian; Thrall, Pat; Tom Coyne; West, Kanye; Wolford, Pete; Young, Jordan

Beyoncé; Beyoncé featuring André 3000; Blaske, Lee; Gallespi, Nikki; West, Kanye; Wolford, Pete

Bhasker, Jeff; Bivins, Michael; Davis, Douglas; Dean, Esther; Dixon, Antonio; Edmonds, Kenneth “Babyface”; Frost, Julie; Griffin, Jr., Larry; Hugo, Chad; Knowles, Beyoncé; Lamb, Cainon; McCampbell, Caleb; Mills, Dexter; Morris, Nathan; Morris, Wanya; Ocean, Frank; Palmer, Adidja; Patrick “j.Que” Smith; Pentz, Wesley; Steele, Luke; Stewart, Christopher; Taylor, David; Taylor, Shea; Terius Nash; Walters, Ricky; Warren, Diane; West, Kanye; van de Wall, Nick

Ghenea, Serban; Hanes, John; Maserati, Tony

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