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Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore To Perform In Mexico On December 31st

Chad Hugo and Daniel Biltmore will perform at New Years Eve in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas on December 31st , get your tickets HERE!

Sierra Swan & Chad Hugo – Caterwaul (18′)

Sierra Swan and Chad Hugo are back together for some new muzika. The duo reunited again to work on the ‘CaterwaulEP, check out the first tune off the EP with the same name below!

Chad Hugo x Noisey Interview, Shares Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Got Your Money’ Story

Chad Hugo sat down with Noisey for their Episode 168 to talk about his latest N*E*R*D album and working with the late Ol Dirty Bastard among other things, check out the Interview below.


Chad Hugo x DOPE Interview, Talks More Neptunes Tracks In 2019

Chad Hugo sat down with DOPE Mag to talk about the new N*E*R*D album, his influences and his future projects!

DOPE Magazine: Lets first talk about your set tonight. What does N.E.R.D have in store for Las Vegas at Life Is Beautiful?
Chad Hugo: Life Is Beautiful because life isbeautiful. When we get on stage, it’s like theater. We’re like a theater production. We’ve got dancers, a huge LED screen, a band, Pharrell, Shae, and I just wildin’ out playing our songs. Some stuff from our old albums, some stuff from our current album, “No One Ever Really Dies.” We’re just so excited to be here.

You mentioned Pharrell and Shae. N*E*R*D has been together for a lot longer than people think. You guys all grew up together, right?
I used to have a studio [above] a garage and people would bring over samples and stuff. We used just make music. Pharrell and I were in like a gifted and talented program and we just got together and started making music together. Kinda like our own little art school, except we weren’t enrolled in art school. We were always just striving to be on the radio in Virginia Beach.



Chad Hugo x Konbini France Interview (2018)

Chad Hugo x DJ Booth Interview, Talks Life, First N*E*R*D Tour & More

Chad Hugo sat down with DJ Booth to talk about the new N*E*R*D album, life in general and more. “We’re not moving until we get to 20 people in the air.” “When we see the crowd, it’s just mayhem,” Chad Hugo says about the group’s mindset leading into a show. “We let loose. N.E.R.D, we’ve got a cool band and some nice dancers, we just hope for a good crowd response. We just go in there and do what we do.” “N.E.R.D always had this idea that we were going to be like this hip-hop Pink Floyd,” he says. “People don’t really know Roger and them as much; they know the music more than the guys themselves and their faces. But we took a turn and we did it, went on tour and were making it happen, so I decided to be a part of it this go-around.” “Majority rules, I guess,” he says with a laugh.

“I wish I could be super hype, with some crazy outlandish answers for you today,” he says with a smile. “I kind of miss my colleagues, they’re supposed to be here. They would tell you otherwise.” “Fans and friendship; all the guys, we’ve got things going on in our lives, but when we see each other it’s like, ‘What’s up, let’s make this album happen,’” he says. “Now here we are [and] the fans demand it, it’s crazy to leave them hanging.”

Away from his bandmates, Hugo certainly has been busy—earlier this year, he released his first-ever sample pack for producers who are looking to find inspiration in his sound. Recently, he’s spent time in the studio with several prominent faces from the younger generation, such as Rex Orange County and SG Lewis, searching for fresh textures and ideas to keep his creative juices flowing.

Chad talks working with Rex Orange County and SG Lewis.
“It’s different energies,” he says. “Although I was a fan of stuff overseas, people put what they were brought up on and their surroundings into their work. Those guys are from different parts of town, so I’m always learning from those guys. I’m American, I was born in Virginia, so to work with outside Virginians is always a learning experience.”

While Chad Hugo appreciates the sentiment, he disputes the notion that he’s a pioneer. “Everybody can be a pioneer; you’re a pioneer, out here doing an interview with an iPhone,” he tells DJ Booth. Instead, he says, his goal is simply to honor the legacy of the ones who built the tools, and whose work has allowed him to carve his own lane. “I’m always just trying to follow in the footsteps of others,” he says. “Bob Moog and those guys who invented the machines that we work on, the tools of the trade. Roger Lynn and those guys who made the instruments, Les Paul who made the [electric] guitar. It’s good to know where these instruments came from, and to apply that to our craft.” “On a scale from 1-10 on achievements of life right now, I’m on 11,” he says with a dry chuckle. “I’m just figuring things out myself. Any guidance you can give me, I’m down to discuss it.” Check out the whole Interview HERE.

Chad Hugo x Interview, Talks N*E*R*D & Finding His Musical Freedom

Chad Hugo is a musician first. He’s become famous for not wanting to be famous, preferring to let superstar friends such as longtime musical partner Pharrell Williams, or Jay-Z or Justin Timberlake, stand in the spotlight, while he stayed in the studio fine-tuning their tracks. Through a career as a producer, as well as member of his own band N*E*R*D. Hugo has always focused on always keeping his records vital and fresh. For years he did this using the same digital toolbox everyone used until he realized what was missing was the soulful authority achieved only when real musicians play in real time.

The dimension of human artistry real musicians can bring to a track is undeniable and can’t be attained in any other way. spoke to Hugo about that revelation, and other ideas which have informed his remarkable career. His story starts in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where music first enlivened his world. He was only 12 when he met Williams in the school marching band. They both were drummers, but Hugo was the Drum Major, the leader of the band, while his friend was behind him in the drumline. In time, as the world knows, Williams happily stepped into the frontman role as Hugo held it down in the back.



Chad Hugo Releases Sample Pack

Over the course of his career, Chad Hugo ofThe Neptunes and N*E*R*D has been responsible for helping craft a signature sound for some of music’s biggest hip-hop and pop acts, including Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, and many more. Now, the producer is releasing a sample pack that includes 150 sounds from some of his most popular work. The pack is being released through music creation platform Splice and will allow producers to access the one-of-a-kind sound that has become synonymous with Hugo throughout his multi-decade career.

Earlier this year, Pigeons & Planes spoke with Hugo, who opened up about his legacy in music and maintaining his role as a creator who isn’t worried about the spotlight. “I do feel famous. I’m content with it. I also don’t feel famous at the same time. It’s good to just make an impact on people’s lives when you share the talent. Whatever magnitude is the result,” he said. Hugo also made mention of some his plans going forward as far as music goes.

“I don’t really have any desire to make music like, ‘It’s time to break out and be a solo artist!’ I make it just to make it,” Hugo explained. “It takes a lot of planning. If things happen, then things happen. I want to be a better horn player, and be a better guitar player, and I don’t know if I’ll ever reach that apex.” Any music producers that need some help cooking up a banger of their own can download the Chad Hugo sample pack after signing up for an account through Splice HERE.

Chad Hugo x Interview (2018)

Chad Hugo doesn’t do many interviews. He’ll turn up every couple of years, seemingly just to say hello and share what he’s been up to. Usually, it’s making music. Interviews, when they do arrive, often reaffirm Hugo’s dedication to his craft and disinterest in gossip. Hugo is well past the point of needing to boost his profile—but even early on, when The Neptunes and N*E*R*D were fresh voices rather than archetypes, Hugo demurred when the spotlight turned his way. Now that he’s one of music’s luminaries, the taciturn personality has, somewhat accidentally, enveloped Chad Hugo in an air of mystery.

That was certainly true for this interview—but after two false starts, we set a date and time. When Hugo appears in the lobby of a pristine new hotel abutting Brooklyn Bridge Park, he offers an apple. “This is for you,” he says, eyes still adjusting to the lobby’s morning light. Just a few hours earlier Hugo had been DJing a club night alongside Daniel Biltmore, the other half of his MSSLCMMND project. Their set hadn’t ended until 4 a.m., and Hugo had woke up hoarse—a rough break for someone who’s already softspoken. “Sorry if my voice is gone.”



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