The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Cris Cab Talks Pharrell Williams With Crossfade

Cris Cab is an 18-year-old heartthrob from right here in Miami. The barely-legal singer-songwriter is working very closely with Pharrell Williams to become a big star. Already a hit on YouTube with both original songs and covers like Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow,” Cab’s first EP came out this year and the video of his latest release “Good Girls” shows Biscayne Bay looking good. This Saturday, Macy’s has invited Cab to be part of their mstylelab Concert Tour, which offers intimate in-store performances.

Crossfade: Are you still in high school?
Cris Cab: I just graduated.

CF: Congratulations. You still living here in Miami?
CC: Born and raised.

CF: What was the first impression you got when you met Pharrell?
CC: When I first met him, I was starstruck. He’s always been someone I look up to, as a musician. And when I got to know him, he’s a very humble, cool, down-to-earth person. Very easy to talk to. He’s a real person.

CF: Who is the contemporary musician you feel most influenced by?
CC: Dave Matthews.

CF: If there’s one person in the world, living or dead, that you could play with, who would it be?
CC: Definitely Bob Marley.

CF: Favorite Marley song?
CC: “One Drop.”

CF: What draws you to certain musicians or music?
CC: I listen to the voice, the beat, the everything, the lyrics, what’s being said, the message. What mostly draws me to a song is the feeling.

CF: Do you feel like because you’re younger than a lot of musicians that you’re at a disadvantage or an advantage?
CC: Being younger, sometimes it’s harder for people to take you seriously. But I think at some point, it gives you an edge, because they’re like, “He’s so young. He’s doing what he loves already.”

CF: You’ve already toured. Where was the place you performed that you were most impressed by?
CC: My favorite place I performed was the Bahamas.

CF: Anything coming up? Any albums coming out?
CC: Yeah, I’m working on my album right now. I’m recording a lot. But I’m also playing a lot of live shows coming up.

CF: Where in Miami has been the place you were most comfortable playing?
CC: Bardot.

CF: Is your audience mostly younger girls? Or is there a wider range?
CC: There’s definitely a range. But in Miami, there’s definitely a lot of younger girls that are really into the music.

CF: How did you feel when you were in Teen Vogue? Was it intimidating being a sex symbol for young girls?
CC: You kind of have to, you know. Nowadays, it’s like people are looking for the whole package. You have to be up to par with everything. You have to try to look your best. You have to try to sound your best, perform your best, record your best.


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