Here is Gloria Estefan’s first live performance since 8 years performing her first single Wepa produced by The Neptunes on The American Latino Media Arts Award from the album Miss Little Havana due September 27th. Where wouldn’t be better to perform Wepa than on the ALMA Awards. The ALMA Award is a distinction awarded to Latino performers (actors, film and television directors, musicians, and designers) who promote positive portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment field. In Spanish, the word alma means spirit or soul. This Wepa version has a very different bridge than on the album, check it out it’s pretty good. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes.

Gloria Estefan – Miss Little Havana (September 27th) (2011)
01 – Miss Little Havana (Pharrell Williams)
02 – I Can’t Believe (Pharrell Williams)
03 – Heat (Pharrell Williams)
04 – Wepa (Pharrell Williams)
05 – Say Ay (Pharrell Williams)
06 – So Good (Pharrell Williams)
07 – Right Away (Pharrell Williams)
08 – Make Me Say Yes (Pharrell Williams)
09 – Time Is Ticking (Pharrell Williams)
10 – Hotel Nacional (Pharrell Williams)
11 – Make My Heart Go feat. El Catá (Pharrell Williams)
12 – On feat. Emily Marie (Emilio Estefan) (Deluxe)
12 – Medicine (Emilio Estefan) (Deluxe)
13 – Let’s Get Loud (Emilio Estefan) (Deluxe)
14 – Wepa feat. Pitbull (DJ R3hab Remix) (Deluxe)

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