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December 2011

Kanye West Named 2011’s Best Dressed Celebrity, Pharrell On 5#

By Alicia Adejobi. Kanye West has been named the best dressed celebrity of 2011 by Complex magazine, beating the likes of Pharrell Williams and Kid Cudi to the top spot. The ‘N***as In Paris‘ rapper has made his mark in the fashion world this year, with his quirky and daring fashion sense. Yeezy was certainly not afraid to step outside of the box and challenge the stereotype of the hip-hop world, wearing quilts and tight leather trousers on and off the stage.

The 34-year-old even launched his debut clothing range this summer at Paris Fashion Week, titled DW. Trailing closely behind Kanye in second place was Kid Cudi, while newcomer A$AP Rocky and Pharrell Williams held the fourth and fifth place respectively. Rick Ross came in at number eight, while Jay-Z rounded off the top 10. Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Swizz Beatz also made the list.


Mac Miller Has Two Neptunes Tracks

Mac Miller sat down with to talk about his gold record Donald Trump and how was it like to hit the studio with Skateboard P recently. He said that while he isn’t sure where the tracks that the two made together will end up, he enjoyed the hands-on approach to the recording Skateboard P takes, saying that he even prefers building a song from scratch as opposed to receiving beats via email.

“I did like, two crazy jams with Pharrell,” he revealed. “It was dope. He’s real good peoples, and I just came in there and we were just vibing. I like making songs from scratch with people. I’m not a big ‘send me a beat type guy.’ We came up with some real cool shit, and we did two joints…he raps on one, and on there other he just did the beat.” Thanks to K0tik.


Alyssa Bernal – I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry Cover)

Here is an old cover that Alyssa did back in the day covering Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl.


Nelly Furtado Working With The Neptunes (Updated December 29th)

Nelly Furtado says making her new album has been ‘rewarding, creative and personal’. The 33-year-old singer is currently laying down tracks for her new record T.S.I. [Part One], which is due out next summer. She’s worked with a number of big names, including The Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins and producer Salaam Remi. Although she’s grateful to everyone involved, it’s Salaam who had a profound effect on Nelly. ‘This album started in a really cool place. When I was working on my Spanish album [2009’s Mi Plan] kind of near the end. I started working on my English album. That happened by working with Salaam Remi, we’d been working on a couple of Spanish tracks and at the end of our session we did an English song together and it was really fun. Salaam just, he kept making trips and I’d make trips down and we’d see each other and record.

It’s been a really rewarding, creative and personal relationship,’ she explained in a video posted on YouTube. Salaam has worked with many other famous singers, most notably Amy Winehouse. He helped put together the late singer’s posthumous record Lioness: Hidden Treasures and his back catalogue continues to astound Nelly. ‘He’s an amazing guy, he’s like a big teddy bear and we. I just find all the music he’s done in general, from Amy Winehouse to Nas, it has a real classic sound to it, a sound that’s really authentic, super soulful. His personality’s like that too, so the two of us really clicked,’ she explained.


(Update Dec. 29) Pharrell Williams & Hans Zimmer To Compose The 2012 84th Academy Awards

Official Poster To The 84th Academy Awards

Here is the Official Poster to the 84th Academy Awards. The ceremony is set to take place on February 26, 2012 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Updated: December 11th

Hans Zimmer Talks Inviting Pharrell To Join Him For The Oscars

Hans Zimmer apparently invited Pharrell Williams to join him during a phone conversation. Talking to EW, Williams stated that they had initially been discussing their online-music venture UJAM when Zimmer said: ‘Hey, I have this idea. They asked me about the Oscars, and I thought about you. Would you be into it?’ Williams further elaborates: ‘I was like, ‘H- yeah.’ So he said, ‘Okay, it’s settled. We’ll do it as partners.’. I don’t want to lessen the impact of what we’re trying to do, but it’s some really interesting things. I think people will be very surprised. We’ll be writing a lot of music, we’ll be doing what you assume the job entails, but beyond what you would expect. It’s different. It’s an interesting opportunity. [Hans and I] are both other-minded folks. We’re other. We’re not cut from the regular cloth. So we have to do other things.’

Updated: December 10th
Pharrell Talks About Composing For The Academy Awards
“As always I’m thankful. It’s something I watched since I was a kid and I never dreamt as a child that I’d be working on the show,”
Pharrell said in a statement to “I am honored to work with my mentor and teacher, Hans Zimmer, and I have wanted to collaborate with Brian Grazer on something for years,” “I cannot believe I will be joining them and their teams on the most prestigious show of the year, The Academy Awards.” “It’s for moments like this that I created i am OTHER. We must push forward, think outside of the box and raise the bar with everything that we do,” he said.

Updated: December 9th
Fuuuuuckkkkk Yeaaaaaarrgghhhhh, Can’t Wait for THIS!! The 2012 Academy Awards have tapped Hans Zimmer And Pharrell Williams as Music Consultants. Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and Grammy-winning hip-hop artist and producer Pharrell Williams have been set to supervise the music for the awards show. They will serve as musical consultants, the first time either has done it. Oscarcast producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer were looking for an opportunity to inject music into the program that touches on Zimmer’s classical flair, and the hip hop, R&B and pop sensibilities that Williams is known for. Zimmer won a Best Original Score Oscar for The Lion King, and was nominated eight other times. His film scores included Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, the last three Pirates of the Caribbean films, and all three of Chris Nolan’s Batman films, including the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. He has won Four Grammy’s and been nominated Six other times.

Williams has won Three Grammy’s as an artist and producer, and he wrote the original score for Despicable Me. His songs have been on the soundtracks of films ranging from Any Given Sunday to The 40 Year Old Virgin.Hans is one of the most accomplished and creative film composers of our time, and Pharrell is a phenomenal songwriter with an amazing list of credits,” said Grazer and Mischer in an AMPAS statement. “This is an exciting and prestigious collaboration that promises to take the audience on a musical journey.” When he spoke to TheWrap two years ago, Zimmer criticized the Oscar music category for being a few years behind the times. “The Oscars are important to give us artistic courage,” he said. “But I also think the Academy has a responsibility to keep relevant.” The 84th Academy Awards ceremony is set to take place on February 26, 2012 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.


Kenna – Chains (Underwater Seacreatures Remix)

Here is a new remix of Kenna’s Chains by Underwater Seacreatures (U.S.). Underwater Seacreatures is the stage name of singer-songwriters Nathan Keeys, Marcos Eduardo Da Silva Garcia & bassist Ryan Beans from Richmond. Marcos & Nathan began experimenting with bedroom recordings that later were identified with the Chillwave/Glo-fi movement by influential music bloggers such as FREEWilliamsburg, Don’t Die Wondering, The Hype Machine, Strange Fires, Whatuptokyo,

JellyNYCRockyard, Pasta Primavera, as well as many college radio stations, despite never having been formally released anywhere except MySpace. That EP will now be available through bandcamp for the first time, in preparation for a full length album titled Women is in the process of being finished completely mastered so our sound will finally be at its full potential, check out the tune & their free EP below.

Kenna – Chains (Underwater Seacreatures Remix) (11′)

Underwater Seacreatures’ Free EP


Play Cloths’ 3rd Anniversary Recap

Clipse & Va$htie

Clipse celebrated their already 3rd Anniversary of Play Cloths‘ on December 21st hosted by Va$htie with Hennessy Black providing the drinks. Q-Tip & DJ Wonder took to the turntables to push the party to the next level. Its been a while since the Clipse have been spotted together, but it was only right they were in attendance & what a sight it was. The celebrity list didn’t stop their though, special guests of the evening included Curt@ins, Ab Liva, A$AP Rocky & the ASAP Crew, Iggy Azalea, Dee & Ricky, Audra The Rapper & many others.

Pusha T. & Q-Tip

Malice & Q-Tip



Rum – Ain’t None But Some Dope feat. Pusha T.

Rum – Ain’t None But Some Dope feat. Pusha T. (11′)

DJ Khaled Working With Pharrell In Miami

DJ Khaled has been in the studio with Pharrell working on some new muzika last night according to SpiffTV. Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and French Montana have also been in the studio.



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