The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

(Update) Be Featured In Pharrell’s Super Secret Project

Forums Member Matic Touch has been at the Secret Video Project last week, he revealed on the forum how it went “Haha, damn my bad guys. I’ve been so insane getting back to people. It was dope, though. Met Maxine, Buddy, Christian Rich and P of course. Can’t really say much about the video, but it’s sort of a launch for I Am Other. Should be out by January, they said. 14 hours of shooting on a cold LA night. So worth it. Pharrell was unable to accepted material from people, but I’ve got some inside people hopefully looking out to me. I guess we are in an age, where it’s about “who you know” to get discovered, these days. Nonetheless, definitely an experience of a lifetime, still feels like it was a long dream.

Oh, I met another dope artist while I was out there. She’s actually about to work with Mansions on the Moon. –one of the coolest sweetest girls ever. Wish I could have stayed out longer. I’ll keep you guys posted with any other updates, but that’s about it. I’m kinda just waiting for the video to drop, and thinking of masterplans how to get on the I Am Other team, officially.”

Updated: December 9th
From the BBC Blog. “We are looking for people to appear in a Video Project with Pharrell. Specifically we are looking for people who march to their own drum, have their own style, are unique or special. If you have special talents or a unique view of the world, and will be in Los Angeles on December 13th you could be perfect for this project! MUST BE 18 or over. Remember, I am OTHER…”

1. A picture of yourself
2. your phone number
3. Confirm that you will be in Los Angeles on Tuesday the 13th, 2011
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