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Syd Tha Kyd Discusses Her Sexuality & Departure From Odd Future

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By Nitsuh Abebe. It’s not as if I made some principled choice not to listen to it. It’s just that Beyoncé released “Formation”, and then performed it at the Super Bowl, and I hadn’t gotten around to it, for reasons that are incredibly uninteresting: I happened to have been doing other stuff, which seems as if it’s probably among my rights as an American.

By then, though, the song had become such an intense focus of discussion at the digital water cooler — to the point where it felt difficult to turn on a computer without someone’s views about “Formation” and its various sociopolitical valences reaching out and grasping for your throat — that my not having heard it acquired some kind of political dimension.

A decision had to be made. Either I needed to dutifully consume this object of conversation and develop an opinion about it or I needed to develop a defense of why I hadn’t yet done so. The point being: Here, for a moment, was music that actively dragooned me into paying attention to it, based not primarily on sound, performance or composition, but on the rolling snowball of perspectives, close readings and ideological disputes accreting around it, click HERE to read the rest of the Interview


Pharrell Talks About Odd Future

By Nadeska Alexis. Earl Sweatshirt is ‘sick,’ Frank Ocean is ‘a complex individual’ and Tyler, The Creator is ‘hilarious,’ Pharrell tells MTV News. At this point in his career, it’s difficult to name an artist that Pharrell hasn’t worked with, so when MTV News caught up with the super-producer recently, we were curious about his relationship with three of the most dynamic — and very different — members of Odd Future: Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt. If Tyler, The Creator is on the “completely off-the-wall” end of the spectrum, then it’s safe to say that Frank Ocean falls on the opposite end, while Earl rests somewhere in middle.

“[Tyler’s] not as totally turnt up as when you guys see him but he is the same person,” Pharrell said of what the public sees, versus what he gets. “It’s not fake, and his mom…that’s been probably an adventure being his mom [raising him]. And probably a wonderful experience because he’s funny…but I can only imagine the stuff he was doing in junior high school. He’s hilarious.”

Frank Ocean, on the other hand, is a known introvert especially compared to Tyler and his antics, and Pharrell explained that his work on Channel Orange included some effort to have outsiders connect with him intimately. “I think, more than anything else, it was a matter of making sure people didn’t misunderstand him because he is a complex individual. He’s not your average everyday person. He’s an introvert, so he’s in his head a lot.”

As Ocean works on his official sophomore project though, things have changed a little. “When he did his first album, he knew who he was, but the world didn’t know who he was,” Pharrell added. “So now he gets to make an album with people knowing who he is. I haven’t been in the studio with him for a while, but I went in with him when he first started [on the album] and I’m assuming that his aspirations are the same…to supersede what people know of him, in a good way.”

And as mysterious as Mr. Ocean can be, Earl Sweatshirt, one of the youngest members and most talented lyricists in the Odd Future crew, also had the Internet in a frenzy in 2011, with Complex even doing an investigative piece to find out more about his stint at a Samoan boarding school. His official debut has been titled Doris, with no release date set as yet, and Pharrell had no trouble describing him.

“Earl is sick. I worked on a song on Earl’s album, Chad and I actually, and Earl is very different,” he said, without hesitation. “He’s had a very different childhood too. He had gone away for a second. It’s a deep story and I think it’s affected him… in a wonderful way, because I think he’s coming back in a great way. He too seems to be much more of an introvert, but he’s not shy or timid.”

“I don’t know if he addresses [going away],” Pharrell said of the content on Earl’s new material. “He doesn’t on the songs [so far]— we did two songs and one of them is going on [the album], I think it’s called ‘Burgundy,’ then there’s another one called ‘Feet‘ or ‘Foot.’ You know him… he picks the wildest names ever and he’s dead ass too. He’s dead serious.”


Odd Future Show In Miami With Pharrell & Co.

Pharrell & Tyler, The Creator
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Pharrell, Lil’ Wayne & Co.
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Odd Future’s Syd & Matt Martians Talk About The Neptunes Forum (Again)

Syd & Matt Martians

Once again, Odd Future has been mentioning our The Neptunes Forum where they all linked up. The duo Syd & Matt Martians have been interviewed by the to talk about their first album Purple Naked Ladies that came out this past December and that has brought them newfound and well deserved fortune and fame. They have been also asked where they all meet up, and the duo gave us props by saying that Matt “and Tyler used to lurk this Neptunes Grindin Forum. It’s one of those forums that only like super duper fan boys know about.

There’s not actually a name for it so it’s like people would share music because we were all a select like 30 people on it that all knew each other from just being on the Internet. So, I met him through there and we just liked the same music. I believe when somebody has similar music taste as you, you tend to get along with them. When music is being made it tends to be a lot easier because you get their influences and they get the things you’re trying to do.” said Matt. It is really an honour to get recognized by the whole Odd Future Team all the time when they’ve been asked how they all linked up, we appreciate all the love y’all giving us, thanks to nick|dork.


Pharrell Considered Signing Tyler, The Creator & Co.

“During P’s conversation at Fashion Night Out with MTV, he reflects on the time he first heard of Tyler and the crew and even points out he was interested in signing the collective, but The Clancy’s beat him to it.”


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