Leah Labelle – So Hot (Live At NY Showcase)

As we posted before, Leah LaBelle has been in New York this week to promote her new single “Sexify” (Get It Now On iTunes!!!!) and to perform some of the tunes from her debut album which is planned to be released due later this year. She performed “Sexify” with a Medley Mashup with Pharrell’s ‘Frontin’ from 2003, (which I though Pharrell woulda jump in himself with her on that) as well as the other Pharrell produced tunes such as “So Hot” and “Mr. Scissors” and the ballad What Do We Got To Lose produced by JD. Leah also covered an odlie from 1982 the Prince produced tune titled “Nasty Girl” by “Vanity 6” and at the end Leah introduced the crowd with a new tune from the debut album titled “Box Chevy” which (judging by the sound) is probably also produced by JD, check out the performances below, thanks to EclecticE.

Leah Labelle – Sexify/Frontin’ (Live At NY Showcase)

Leah Labelle – What Do We Got To Lose (Live At NY Showcase)

Leah Labelle – Mr. Scissors (Live At NY Showcase)

Leah Labelle – Nasty Girl (Vanity 6 Cover) (Live At NY Showcase)

Leah Labelle – Box Chevy (Live At NY Showcase)


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