If Leah LaBelle’s “Sexify” video wasn’t enough to make you hop aboard the LaBelle wagon, then how about the fact that her mentors are Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri? Because that is how this chick rolls. If you think Leah’s name sounds kind of familiar, that’s because you might remember her from Season 3 of “American Idol,” where at only 17 she was Paula Abdul’s wild card pick! (Side note: Remember when that show included both a wild card and Paula? Vintage times.) But Leah’s come a long way from her “Idol” debut, and instead of us telling you all about her latest accomplishments, we thought we’d give you a chance to get to know the sultry R&B singer in her own words.

Ms. LaBelle popped by Buzzworthy to go deep into her Bulgarian heritage, her childhood and her parents, who were famous pop stars. We also learned that Leah connected with her mentors Jermaine and Pharrell via Twitter (naturally), and approximately one day after tweeting with Jermaine, she flew out to Miami to meet Pharrell. We won’t spill the rest of Leah’s life, but we will inform you that she uses the word “skanks” more than a few times. Obviously not about herself. I mean, look at her. You can’t manufacture that level of sexiness. Anyway, you’re definitely gonna wanna watch this video a couple of times. And take notes while you’re at it.


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