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Rapper Joe Zoe also know as Wulfe is such big fan of Pharrell and Chad that he decided to dedicate his newest mixtape to his favourite production duo, The Neptunes, you can check a preview of his Mixtape below where Wulfe spits on Foxy Brown’s Magnetic Instrumental, This Boy is Pretty Sick “ChaseChad Muzik”, make sure to download the whole mixtape below.

Wulfe – Pro Spitta (Magnetic)

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Wulfe Presents… The Neptunes Back: The Mixtape (2012)

  1. The NeptunesBack!
  2. Coming On Strong
  3. They Likin’ That
  4. Dancehall Craze
  5. Ig’Nit
  6. Hits On Deck
  7. Spilled Milk
  8. Ne’bulla (Interlude)
  9. Pro Spitta
  10. Neptune Groove
  11. Lemme Know Sumthin
  12. Perfect Season
  13. Ironic Confusion
  14. Ca’rion
  15. Ready With Beyonce (Bonus)

Total Size: 68,48MB


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