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How about this, here is a new/old classic Neptunes track by Latrelle from her session in 1998. Thanks to Icarus, we got to hear another unreleased Neptunes track by Latrelle with a sick bridge that features a young Terrar also known as Pusha T. from her studio session while working on her debut album, way before her ‘Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl’ days. According to Icarus, this track was left on some old equipment that P and Chad gave him. So we got now three tracks from that session which are ‘I Need U feat. Pharrell’, ‘Nothin’ Else’ and now ‘I Want U feat. Terrar’, I hope we’ll get more leaks from it soon, check out the tune below, thanks to Icarus.

Latrelle – I Want U feat. Terrar (aka Pusha T.) (98′)

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