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Chad Hugo’s occasional production partner Kid Icarus, released this April his debut studio album titled ‘Forms’ where he collaborated with Chad Hugo on Two Tracks, ‘Photosynth’ and ‘Night’, you can check both tunes below, sounds like something Chad would do for Kenna, make sure to cop Kid Icarus album on Thanks to aliXxXDabeat.

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Kid Icarus – Forms (2012)

  1. Intro
  2. Dusk
  3. Fair Fare
  4. We All Ride
  6. I Cry
  7. Push
  8. #OOMF
  9. Risen
  10. The Sun
  11. Remotes
  12. In The Bag
  13. Lame
  14. Photosynth feat. Chad Hugo
  15. Suitsleep
  16. Night feat. Chad Hugo
  17. Warm
  18. Crunchybeans
  19. Dance
  20. Joy
  21. Joy No More
  22. Earth…Stars…Hearts

Kid Icarus – Night feat. Chad Hugo (12′)

Kid Icarus – Photosynth feat. Chad Hugo (12′)


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