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“How do you feel about having so much unreleased music? I don’t have any weird feelings toward it. Making music is a daily process. I could put out a song that I made three years ago, but I don’t know if it makes sense right now. But there’s definitely records that I am sitting on that I feel a little bit selfish to keep, and I’m still probably going to figure out some way to get it to the fans, to get it to people.”

“I worked with Pharrell, and we have a record together that people may have heard a clip of but they haven’t heard the whole thing, and it’s like me sitting on some gold. Like really dope stuff, but it’s older. Anything that’s on my computer that is probably over three years old, it’s okay that it stays that there.” Thanks to YoungRamirez and KOtik.


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Cassie – Hide (DJ Freakiii Edit) (09’)

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