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Alright guys, I’ve finally managed to create my own soundcloud and to upload some of my muzika on there, but I freakin hate that 2 hour limit, so for now on, I’ve only could upload some of the tunes, I gotta buy more hours, anyways what you’ll find there is a collection of some of my best edits/fakes/remixes/originals gathered through a 10 year period of time when I made some Neptunes and Timbaland fakes back in oo’s when people believed every kind of bullshyt you would rename to as real, such as my most famous fake, the S.O.S. Baby tune and some other tunes such as the ‘No Hay Igual‘ ‘Spaz‘ and some other ones, so yeah, make sure to follow and check out my shyt, and I know… what the hell does this have to do with The Neptunes ??? A lot my friend :).

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