Mike Posner leaks new track produced by The Neptunes. We finally get to hear One of the Nine tracks that Mike Posner and The Neptunes worked on from a period of Two Years. The track, titled ‘IDGAF’ which is short for ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’ leaked on the jams.to site which also has Pharrell on the hook, sounds like its been done in the 2004 period judging to the snare, and this is actually why I love The Neptunes sound, no matter if you don’t like Mike Posner on the tune, They’ll MAKE you like him because you’re completely focused on the dopeass beat. According to mikeposnerhits.com, his second studio album ‘Sky High’ is due later this year, check out the original snippet Here, and ofcourse, you know it already, my Edit of the tune is below, great R&B.

Mike Posner – IDGAF feat. Pharrell (13′)


Mike Posner: “Pharrell Did 9 Tracks”

Mike Posner
Sky High (2013)
– IDGAF feat. Pharrell
(Recorded 9 Tracks)