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Yes, thanks to you guys, I’ve finally got a new PC after 11 years, from a Intel Pentium 1 to an i5, I would like to thank all 29 Donators who donated $400 in a period time of less than 3 weeks, no one was obligated to help but people donated. Special thanks goes to Felipe G. who donated two times and Ray R. who donated freakin’ three times, I appreciate it very much from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. In order to show my appreciation to you guys, I’ve decided to release a Neptunes track on the Forum that was planned for this Christmas but will release it now, and I will Re-Up all uploads I’ve uploaded last Christmas who missed the download links for The Neptunes Discography, thats at least I can do for now for you guys, once again thank you.

The Donators

United States

  • Ray R. 3x
  • Felipe G. 2x
  • Laurin T.
  • Mary H.
  • Glitchwave
  • Nick R.
  • Tramaine H.
  • Joshua G.
  • Javon W.
  • DuRon G.
  • Elizabeth B.
  • Nicholas A.


  • Kouam T.
  • Nicolas H.
  • Jean-François S.
  • Richard S.


  • Johan R.
  • Alexander W.


  • Christopher B.
  • Florian L.


  • Alexander K.
  • Vyacheslav Z.

United Kingdom

  • Josh R.


  • Зуров А.


  • Lyubomir N.


  • Justin G.

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