Already boasting a big name cast including Chris Brown, Future, Trey Songz and 2 Chainz, the Brooklyn native kept a tight lip about his next single but revealed that Loso’s Way 2 could be ready just before the fourth quarter of 2013. “It’s really at the end stages now. Just tweaking up the last little things,” he told VIBE on the red carpet at 2013 BET Awards. “It could get out late summer/ early fall, so it could be late August/ early September.”

As far as production credits, Fabo says he has some new beathsmiths on tap. “I’ve worked with a lot of new guys, Mally (The Martian), Omen and a lot of guys that you’ve heard in the past like The Runners … I just went in with so many people, working on different types of music,” he adds. “At the end of it, I gotta sit down and buckle down and see what’s actually gonna make the album because I got a lot of records right now.”

One musical reunion the fans may be treated to is a record with Pharrell, who collaborated with Fab on “Tit 4 Tat” off his 2004 LP Real Talk. “I just kicked it with Pharrell and he was talking about getting back in so you know I might squeeze some days in and see what me and Pharrell can come up with at the bottom of the night.


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