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Frontman explains how the ‘Get Lucky‘ singer has influenced new music from the band. Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has revealed he would love to work with Neptunes’ member and Daft Punk collaborator Pharrell Williams. Taylor’s other band About Group have recently released a new album ‘Between The Walls‘. Speaking to MTV Hive about the side project, the frontman explained working with that band is “just as intense and challenging as making a Hot Chip record.”

He then went on to discuss his love for Williams and how he has influenced some of Hot Chip’s new music. He said: “When Hot Chip started, we said in a press release that we were attempting to be like The Neptunes. They were one of our favourite groups and producers. [Pharrell]‘s obviously very talented. Any of the bands that I’m in, we’d love to do something with people like that, specifically with him.” Taylor then went on to discuss new Hot Chip material, explaining that the new record is a “standalone record.” He continued:

“We’re making some new music, but we’re at the beginning stages of that. One of the tracks was actually directly influenced by an old Pharrell beat for ‘Frontin” in some ways. One of the parts, one of the chord progressions, for this untitled Hot Chip song was influenced by ‘Frontin”.” Hot Chip recently released a new single ‘Dark and Stormy‘. The band are set to play a handful of UK and European festival dates, including Latitude and its new sister festival Longitude, which is held in Dublin.


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