11 – Street Life feat. Pusha T.

If you listen closely to social commentating, Pharrell-helmed record you’ll hear a rawness to Kelly’s vocals you weren’t expecting. That’s because she was sick as a dog when she laid it down. Most of us couldn’t hope to sound that great in the shower much less completely congested. Kelly says it was Pharrell’s reasoning inspired her to leave the grittier vocals on the master, while Pharrell insists it was all Kelly calling the shots while he worked around her greatness. “When you hear her voice and potential, there are so many different interesting elements to work with that I said to myself, ‘Man, we need to do a social commentary record that is still a jam.’”

12 – Stand In Front Of Me

Pharrell said he was going for the doo-wop style of the 1950’s and ’70s black ghettos when he composed the record. “When [Kelly] did it, we were all blown away by just the feeling of it.” Kelly adores the song for that feel as well along with the “take-charge, men” message of the tune. “Maybe it’s a Southern trait, but I just believe men should remember they should be men and be chivalrous,” Kelly said. I’m sure there will be plenty of men lining up to heed that advice if the reward is getting to “palm that ass.” Yes, ma’am!


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