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Here is another tune off their early work from 1993 titled ‘Lost In Transmission (Live Trash)’, check it out below.

The Legacy – Lost in Transmission (Live Trash) (93’)

Chad Hugo posted a week ago a soundcloud page with a project called The Legacy – Technobodies from 1993, which is actually a bunch of Demo’s from when Chad and Pharrell made House music when they were just teenagers, I never knew about this project and is simply amazing to see them doing that Techno/House/DnB muzika, check it out below.

The Legacy – Technobodies (1993)

  1. From Earth To Sky
  2. Wipeout Destroy
  3. Graverobbers From Outerspace
  4. WAV
  5. MTM

From Earth To Sky

Wipeout Destroy

Graverobbers From Outerspace




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