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Maxine Ashley will finally release her anticipated EP after 4 years after signing to Star Trak now i am OTHER according to her tweets. “AUGUST 28 dropping #MoodSwings GUYS AUGUST 28!!! Go tell your mom!” The EP titled ‘MoodSwings’ which started as a Mixtape, is due August 28th amd will have productions by The Neptunes, Tommy Tysper and features by Pharrell and Kendrick Lamar among others, can’t wait till August 28th.

Mood Swings (EP) (2013) (August 28th)
Confirmed Tracks

  • Best Mistake feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
  • Cookieman feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
  • Ring Pop (The Neptunes)
  • Drop ‘Em (The Neptunes)
  • Stylin’ (Tommy Tysper)
  • Sailboat feat. Kendrick Lamar