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Maxine Ashley

Maxine Ashley – Intuition (EP) (2019)

Not sure if y’all checked it out but Maxine Ashley released a new EP last month titled ‘Intuition’ get it on iTunes  and check it out below.

Maxine Ashley – Intuition (EP) (2019)
01 – ELG (Futurecut)
02 – Girls (Futurecut)
03 – Intuition (The 23)
04 – Lobster (Joe Janiak)
05 – The Come Down (LCamino)

Maxine Ashley Reveals Having ‘Blazed’ Before Ariana Grande

Since she signed to i am OTHER in 2011, Maxine Ashley had multiple Sessions with Pharrell and not to say with The Neptunes and barely some of the tracks released or leaked like ‘Guerilla’ from 2014 and how many times did we miss the potential of an artist that has signed to Pharrell’s label just struggling to get a release out and I don’t even talk about a proper album (don’t get me started with STAR TRAK ENTERTAINMENT), but I wish Maxine had the privilege to release an album through i am OTHER, it would have been amazing just judging of the snippets that released all these years and few days ago Maxine went to IG Live where she revealed having Ariana Grande’s ‘Blazed’ way before her. That got me thinking about how many other bangers Maxine had but have been recycled for a different artist because she couldn’t release it, nonetheless, Maxine’s version of ‘Blazed’ is pretty much the same, exept it’s Maxine on the track, check it out below.


Maxine Ashley – Happy (With Or Without You) (Official Video) (2017)

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Maxine Ashley is back with a new single titled ‘Happy (With Or Without You)’ produced by FutureCut, check out her new video below directed by herself.

Maxine Ashley – Addiction (05’)

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Here is an old song my Maxine Ashley when she was 15 years old. “I did this song when i lived in London at 15 years old. The beginning stages of my writing career. I had amazing friends who I considered family at the time helping me grew and become a better writer. Thank you Brooke, Tom and everyone who allowed me to grow and experiment at such a young age. I wanted to share this song to show how’ve much I’ve grown as an artist and women. Although I don’t have enough music out for you guys to notice, you will soon see and hear when I release all I’ve been working so hard on. Enjoy this BabyMaxine <3”

Maxine Ashley – Paranoid (EP) (2017)

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Maxine just released her anticipated new EP titled ‘Paranoid’ with collaboration with ‘WatchTheDuck’, ‘Liam Howe’, ‘The Optimist’, ‘Charlie Prince Wilson’ and ‘Isa The Machine’ on the tune ‘Run From Reason’, stream the new EP below.

Maxine Ashley To Release New EP ‘Paranoid’ On January 2nd (2017)

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Maxine just posted the Artwork for hew new EP titled Paranoid which is due January 2nd.

Maxine Ashley – She Wrote Murda feat. Bunx (Official Video) (2016)

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Maxine Ashley just released her new single titled ‘She Wrote Murda’ produced by Bunx off her upcoming EP directed by Maxine Ashley and Andrew Adames, check it out below.

Maxine Ashley – She Wrote Murda feat. Bunx (Official Video) (2016)

Maxine Ashley x New Future London Photoshoot

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Maxine Ashley x Interview, Talks New Single & Working With Pharrell

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If Pharrell sees something in you, you know on the right path. Millions of YouTube views and a few major co-signs deep, Pharrell-supported songstress Maxine Ashley is looking to go far beyond the computer screen. She’s worked artists ranging from the aforementioned Neptunes hitmaker to Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole, and the “Puerto Rican misfit” is planning much more before 2016’s end.

Currently entrenched in studios from New York City to London and beyond, Maxine Ashley is ready to launch her next major record, the Joe Janiak-produced “Lobster.” The song is set to serve as her next single, and we’re premiering the track today via the “Mad Latino Bronxness” of its visual. You can check out “Lobster” below, and read a brief exchange with Maxine Ashley about the video and more below.



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