In June, Diddy announced the creation of Revolt TV, which will be carried by Time Warner Cable, which he says is the “first channel of the social media age.” In other interviews, Diddy has mentioned that he wants Revolt to be the “ESPN of music” and hopes that it will “fill the gap left by MTV after it stopped playing music videos seven years ago.” In light of the announcement, Complex got on the phone with Diddy to ask him what it actually takes to work for Diddy, what rapper he wants to have work for Revolt, and just how life-changing his Burning Man experience was.

If you want it to be so close to the actually art form of music, pretend a ton of rappers applied to be on-air talent. If you were going to have one rapper working for you full time, who would you want that to be? That is a hard question. It would probably be Pharrell. Pharrell has been so consistent on what he does and how he sees music. He’s made us dream. People don’t realize that he is the reason people are able to do Magna Carta…Holy Grail or Yeezus or the collaborations you see or the style. And he came from Virginia, he didn’t come from New York!

The South wasn’t even hot when Pharrell came out. It would be him because there is an intellectual aspect, a passion, and an artistic side to him that translate from the hood to the trap to wherever. He’s the definition of a festival producer, which is an eclectic group of music. I don’t want to oversell why it would be him.


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