Tyler, The Creator continues to flex his directing muscle, we get a brand new video created by the Odd Future frontman for a single titled “Glowing.” While there’s no official word on who the track is actually by, speculations have lead many to believe that it could be the latest single from alternative duo Chester French. The duo which consist of David-Andrew ‘D.A.’ Wallach and Maxwell Drummey have been tied closely to Pharrell, and with Tyler and P’s close relationship, the collaboration would make some sense.

The track’s vocals do sound a lot like D.A.’s but we’ll wait for an official announcement before we run with it, but you know where our vote is. The music video tells the story of two people who meet as children, fall in love and grow old together. “The artist didn’t want to be in the video and wanted to remain anonymous so the music spoke for itself. It wasn’t in a weird cliche marketing way but in a real way that felt refreshing. The standard rollout of new artists in the machine sense seems so hollow at this point.” Make sure to get it on iTunes.