The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Damon’s Response To Pharrell’s Personal Message To Him

Damon was so touched by Pharrell’s personal message to him that he wanted to send Pharrell back a message from his heart to say thank you. His smile and ‘Happy‘ personality is amazing! Damon (age 9) was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma bone cancer. However, instead of letting it get him down he adopted ‘Happy‘ as his theme song. Pharrell heard about it because his dad-Brian (who worked in radio for years) still has his radio family as support. Mark Landis VP of Programming with L&L Broadcasting called in a favor for Damon. We were just hoping for an autograph. When Pharrell heard about Damon he wanted to personally send Damon a message of hope, a message of love and a message to be ‘Happy.’

Damon has been dealt with some hard news along the way. Very recently we had to tell him the only way to rid him of the cancer and save him was to amputate his arm. He cried for a bit. The doctor quickly started to tell him about prosthetic arms and he would still be able to do many things. He tried to lighten the mood and told him some kids even get them in a color. With a quick smile he asked if he could get him in CAMO. As we left the hospital and hearing the news he wanted to listen to ‘Happy.’ After several times he said, “OK, I’m good.” Lisa, his mother, wanted to be positive by telling him he would still do many things even with one arm. Even soccer, which he loved to do at the YMCA. Unbelievably he made a joke and said “Well, not everything, I would not be a good goalie.”

Thank you Pharrell! You are an amazing artist on so many levels! You gave that little guy his first tear of happiness with your message! As parents….Lisa & I can’t find the words, but to say thank you! I was in radio for 25 years and worked with many artists…this is the first time I am left speechless! From Lisa and Brian Billeck….Thank you and God Bless You and the staff at Sony for making this happen! A benefit fund has also been set up for Damon. Donations can be made at FROST Banks under [Damon Billeck Benefit Fund] or mailed to:
Damon Billeck Benefit Fund
PO Box 2503
Universal City, TX 78148

Little Boy Diagnosed With Bone Cancer Gets Uplifting Video Message From Pharrell

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