Fam-Lay Teases ‘Traintogo’ Album

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Is this really happening, finally after 11 years, Is Fam-Lay finally releasing his debut album?. Well, according to his Instagram Picture, it shows the tracklist to ‘Traintogo‘. Nick from the forum had the opportunity to Interview him 2 Years Ago, where he revealed that they Re-Did all songs that’s been recorded for ‘Traintogo‘ by adding Live Instruments with Brent Paschke & Co. and they call themselves ‘Shark City Clicks’. If you’re wondering how that would sound like, then check out the ‘Head Bust’ tune Original and Live Instruments from the Fast & Furious 4 OST, stay tuned for more Information, thanks to matty.


Fam-Lay – Head Bust feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version) (06′)

Fam-Lay (aka Shark City Click) – Head Bust feat. Pharrell (09′)

Fam-Lay – Traintogo (201X)

  1. Wake Up
  2. Treacha Nose (The Neptunes)
  3. This Is Livin’ (The Neptunes)
  4. Head Bust (The Neptunes)
  5. Beeper (The Neptunes)
  6. Amalance (The Neptunes)
  7. Available (The Neptunes)
  8. Block Hustla
  9. Git Busy (The Neptunes)
  10. Skrung Out (The Neptunes)
  11. Youinstant (The Neptunes)


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