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I’ve managed to make an Instrumental off T.I.’s ‘G’ Shit’ tune produced by Pharrell, you can check it out below, I also want to appologize to aeveryone for the lack of updates lately, Ive been very busy last month and haven’t had any tie to update all sites, but I’m back now, and make sure to get T.I.’s Ninth Studio album Paperwork now on iTunes.


T.I. – G’ Shit (DJ Freakiii Instrumental Remake) (14′)

T.I. – G’ Shit feat. Jeezy & WatchTheDuck (14′)

T.I. – Oh Yeah feat. Pharrell (14′)

T.I. – Paperwork feat. Pharrell (14′)

T.I. – Light ‘Em Up (RIP Doe B) feat. Pharrell & WatchTheDuck (14’)

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