0cf7e1814fe6f0594485b0716d4d50e0 1000x1000x1Now, on what is apparently the first single from his upcoming LP, Staples tips the scales toward current trap music parlance. Superficially, the inclusion of Future signals this, but the key is more in the pointillistic production from chameleonic Chicago duo Christian Rich, and Staples‘ own austere flow.

Future’s contribution is not a sinuous melodic hook, as one might expect, but clipped, dry triplets: The song’s chorus is a sample cut bluntly out of the first verse of his “Covered N Money“. On the original, it was part of a rev-up to explosive euphoria, but stripped of context, the dully intoned snippet takes on a haunting, ritualistic sound.

Vince Staples – Señorita feat. Future (Christian Rich) (15’)

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