Forum Member and Admin of NERDskyRock Maxime Javel managed to fly to Los Angeles, and while being there, he stoped by I am OTHER and had the chance to meet his Idol Pharrell Williams in the studio. I remember a month ago, I had a conversation with Max how things are finally starting to work out day by day and we’ve been talking about the Grindin Project we’re working on and how we eventually gonna have a conversation with Pharrell some day.

A month later it’s just surreal what has happened a few days ago to Max. After meeting the whole I am OTHER crew, Pharrell came to say Hi while playing some crazy beats in the studio. This is truly a dream come true for every Neptunes Fan, after all these years and all the hard work Max has done together with Creatrice with NERDSkyRock Fan Page, it finally paid off. Congratulations from the whole Grindin/Neptunes Family Max, you truly deserved it!!