Their forthcoming album, titled 2008, features production from the likes of Pharrell Williams, T.H.C., and Terrace Martin, and is bound to make noise amongst feel-good rap fans, not only in the West Coast circuit, but all over the globe. A feature from Polo Grounds labelmate A$AP Ferg doesn’t do any harm in that regard either.

Their singles so far, like the Ferg-assisted cut “F**k Yo’ DJ,” their Pharrell-produced “Last Kiss,” and “Rich White Friends” display a rare lightheartedness that falls somewhere in between fun, ignorant rap, and just pure funk. As they delve into their upbringing, it begins to make sense how they act in such a fashion. From adventures at Miami’s K.O.D. to studio sessions with Skateboard P, OverDoz. certainly has some stories to back up their reputation as the wild bunch from the City of Angels.


“I know that if we do a Pharrell song, it’s gonna be tight! Once he started doing the basslines, we knew it was over. We wrote it within 20-30 minutes. The process was three different studios in the house, and this dude was working with three artists at a time. We knocked it out so fast, that we ended up making more records. We ended up keeping just one—not that we didn’t want to keep the other record, it’s just Pharrell records cost a little more than a Terrace Martin record.

But as far as it being organic and quick—not a bad quick, it was just too easy. He was a real fan of our music, and he already knew what he wanted to do with us. Cream: He really is that guy. He’s gonna talk for at least five hours. Joon: He was really big on education—his mom is a teacher. Kent: He told us to pay attention to diction and punctuation, that the best records are normally able to be sung by children—not that it’s a child song, but it’s just so easy to relate to that even a child could sing to it. “

OverDoz. – Last Kiss (Official Video) (2015)

OverDoz. – Last Kiss (Behind The Beat) (2015)

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