Pharrell Williams G I R L ( Ultimate Edition) (
Here is the updated version with all tunes.

Rafito from is doing a ‘G I R LE-Book with the ‘G I R L’ lyrics, it looks pretty dope, check it out. “It all started cause I wanted to put the lyrics on iphone, and I thought about make it cool. And now, 3 months later, I am finally finishing. But i’m so excited about “Brand New” that I want to share it with you guys before I finish the whole thing. Hope you like it”

Marilyn Monroe
vv5g IIL

4 LDUCf3

Brand New
aq3 Faq5

oh Ybx Hp

mrc ROw V

h5yt HJj

Come Get It Bae
OA902 Ss

Gust Of Wind
Lf SXW8z

Lost Queen
5h PPNn2


Know Who You Are
nx S1 R5i

It Girl
d Rs NFx1


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