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Rafito Releases N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes Concept Project (2019)

Forum member Rafael Da Cruz Souza just released his N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes Concept Project and its pretty Nostalgic! If he isn’t rocking the stage with N*E*R*D or traveling aroung the world with his girlfriend Juliana, then he probably is creating a new piece of Art, wether its true-color images combining them with natural color rendition or simply color photography of luminescence or creating his own Album Covers to various artist mostly influenced by Chad Hugo and Pharrell WilliamsStar Trak Entertainment Universe adding his own touch to it.

The Brasilian born Artist took a step back from the digital booklets and went back to the modern cassette music culture, the 80’s and created his own versions of N*E*R*D’s Cassete Tapes. Last year, National Audio sold about $5 millions worth of cassettes which pretty much means that the cassette tape is not dead yet. They’re interested in a format that most people had assumed was dead, whose revival was either a gimmick or symbolic of a hipster trend, but not the sign of a format with a future. Of course, the culture of the cassette is nostalgic and old school and people were into analog, touching things and take things to heart.

I started to think about why we stopped using them in the first place. We stopped using them because they were rendered obsolete in sound and function by CDs, which in turn were rendered obsolete in sound and function by digital music. Though, CDs and tapes shared this odd marriage, where often we’d find ourselves recording CDs to tapes so we could play them in the car before CD players entered automobile dashboards or in our Walkman players. Then I realized that if cassette tapes do make a full comeback, it’s not for my nostalgia — it’s for the false nostalgia of the generation that never had to suffer through them.

It’s because of all the romanticizing my generation gave cassette tapes that this current generation wants to bring them back. It’s the binary code and so much is lost in translation, frequencies and yet, cassette tapes are still selling and while most of the readers don’t remember using cassette tapes considering the very raw sound from it, some of us wish we could get some original N*E*R*D albums on cassette tapes. If you’re wondering how they would look like, then just check out Rafael’s N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes. The T-Shirts are also coming soon so stay tuned!





Forum Member Rafito Rocks The Stage With N*E*R*D

Forum Member Rafael Zurc was at the Cruilla Festival in Barcelona with his girl Juliana Borges last week to see N*E*R*D and they actually got on stage with them and Rafito freaking killed it up there, check out the video and his story below.

“Fam,I was at the Cruilla Festival in Barcelona to see them live. Festivals in Spain are so calm, so you don’t have to worry with running when they open the gates because people are there just to enjoy, drink, smoke and dance. So I walked to the main stage where they were set to play. It has 5 people on the front. All N*E*R*D fans. The band were set to start at 8h15 and I swear to god at 8h10 was like 150 people in front of the stage. I was worried. The festival organizers or something started to play some ramdon music to call the people and just then people fulfill the front of the stage.

So they got in. ‘Anti Matter’ started to play. I was hyped as fuck. Already jumping with my girl. Also so happy cause I was so close to the stage. I was able to see P’s camo socks and the hair caming off of Shae’s hat. So yeah, I was THAT close. They were rocking hard. 2002 style. Chad was there. I was just fucking happy to see them 3 on stage at the same time. My heroes!!!! Then they did ‘Kill Joy’ and crowd liked but I noticed not a lot knew the song. I and a few were rocking and jumping to it. ‘Deep Down Body Thurst’ came on. I started to cry like a bitch cause I love how that song starts and it is my favorite on the new joint. Live is even better.


Rafito’s ‘In Search Of…’ Illustration Covers Project (2017)

Image Hosted by
Here are the final cover versions of Forum Member Rafito ‘In Search Of…’ Illustration Covers Project, check them out below, and make sure to visit

01 – Lapdance
Image Hosted by

02 – Things Are Getting Better
Image Hosted by

03 – Brain
Image Hosted by

04 – Provider
Image Hosted by

05 – Truth Or Dare
Image Hosted by

06 – Tape You
Image Hosted by

07 – Run To The Sun
Image Hosted by

08 – Baby Doll
Image Hosted by

09 – Am I High
Image Hosted by

10 – Rock Star
Image Hosted by

11 – Bobby James
Image Hosted by

12 – Stay Together
Image Hosted by

Rafito’s Hell Hath No Fury 10th Aniversary Visual Art Project

Image Hosted by
Forum Member Rafael Zurc aka Rafito and Admin of did a  marevlous Visual Art Project to celebrate the 10 Years of Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury and it’s freakin’ amazing, check it out below and make sure to follow him on Instagram and Tumblr.

Image Hosted by
01 – We Got It For Cheap (Intro) feat. Spanish Lee

Image Hosted by
02 – Momma, I’m So Sorry

Image Hosted by
03 – Mr. Me Too feat. Pharrell

Image Hosted by
04 – Wamp Wamp (What It Do) feat. Slim Thug

Image Hosted by
05 – Ride Around Shining feat. Ab Liva

Image Hosted by
06 – Dirty Money

Image Hosted by
07 – Hello New World feat. Pharrell

Image Hosted by
08 – Keys Open Doors

Image Hosted by
09 – Ain’t Cha feat. Re-Up Gang

Image Hosted by
10 – Trill

Image Hosted by
11 – Chinese New Year feat. Rosco P. Coldchain

Image Hosted by
12 – Nightmares feat. Pharrell & Bilal

Rafito’s ‘G I R L’ Lyrics E-Book Project (Full) (Update)

Pharrell Williams G I R L ( Ultimate Edition) (
Here is the updated version with all tunes.

Rafito from is doing a ‘G I R LE-Book with the ‘G I R L’ lyrics, it looks pretty dope, check it out. “It all started cause I wanted to put the lyrics on iphone, and I thought about make it cool. And now, 3 months later, I am finally finishing. But i’m so excited about “Brand New” that I want to share it with you guys before I finish the whole thing. Hope you like it”

Marilyn Monroe
vv5g IIL

4 LDUCf3

Brand New
aq3 Faq5

oh Ybx Hp

mrc ROw V

h5yt HJj

Come Get It Bae
OA902 Ss

Gust Of Wind
Lf SXW8z

Lost Queen
5h PPNn2


Know Who You Are
nx S1 R5i

It Girl
d Rs NFx1


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