The 23-year-old New York native Max Schneider stopped by Got Ur # to discuss his upcoming projects and his experience working with Pharrell Williams. Max describes his new EP, Ms. Anonymous, as “the next phase in going into that deeper and vulnerable place in music.”

In addition to the Hoodie Allen-assisted single “Gibberish,” the EP includes a ballad and some “darker” sounds. The indie soul singer is also planning to drop a full-length album in 2016, which features work with producer and performer Pharrell. “He’s always been my idol. Just getting to work with him was incredible,” Max tells Fuse.

Recalling a time when his mentor invited Stevie Wonder into the studio, Max remembers how inspiring the experience was. “[Stevie] walked in and gave everything he had. He wasn’t gonna leave that booth until it was perfect, and watching him work like that was the most inspiring thing—to know that the work never stops.”


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