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Pusha T. x Interview Talks ’Autobiographies’ & ’King Push’

Pusha T Exclusive e1453226898595 1050x654By Danielle Howe. It’s no secret that 2016 is the year for Pusha T. Following the explosive release of his latest album Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude, and being named G.O.O.D. Music’s newest President, the Virginia native has his sights set for greatness – and promises nothing less. However, before he heads down the path of musical domination, the “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” rapper took a moment to reflect, inviting Vice to spend a day with him for their new docu-series Autobiographies. Premiering on Verizon’s new streaming platform go90, the insightful series showcases the personal stories of several artists, including A$AP Ferg, Nigel Sylvester, Jackie Cruz, Ty Dolla $ign and many more.

Sharing a personal story is no easy feat for someone who takes privacy seriously – particularly when it’s something that hits home. For Pusha, seeing himself tell the world about the untimely death of his former road manager was a bit jarring. He expressed to STASHED his feelings towards the senseless violence that caused his death and how he felt watching the documentary for the first time. “Man it got so emotional for me,” said Push. “And you know to be in a different setting and watching myself talk about it, it struck a nerve – left and right.”


In addition to opening up about a variety of issues, including his feelings about the dismantling of Clipse, Pusha talked with STASHED about his plans for 2016, particularly his plan for his long-awaited album King Push. “It’s definitely happening this year,” affirmed Pusha. He also revealed plans for another “Cruel Summer,” discussed the rollout for Kanye’s Swish, and confirmed that Big Sean is indeed releasing a new album this year.

STASHED: What was this like for you to see yourself tell such a personal story? I mean you got really, really personal.
Pusha T: As I was filming it, I mean I remember the day very clearly. Everyone was vibing and it was cool because it was just another day in my life. But as I sat down here, man it got so emotional! And you know to be in a different setting and watching myself talk about it, it struck a nerve left and right. I don’t know – I guess it wasn’t bothering me or just the way it was coming out that particular day. But watching it onscreen was a whole different experience. A bit heart-wrenching.

STASHED: When it does premiere, are you nervous for what people might say?
Pusha T: No no, I think they’re going to like it and understand it. Especially my fans – they’ve been going on this journey with me for a very long time. Those were major things for them, like especially my brother and I not being a group anymore. It was major for my core group. Man they’re still bothering me about it! Every day I hear it. I hope this documentary gives them a little bit of insight and I hope they at least get to see a little bit of my perspective on the situation.

STASHED: You got personal with this and you got extremely personal on your new album. Is this a new journey of self-discovery for you?
Pusha T: I feel like that was always the dichotomy of the Clipse. I feel like my brother was always the more introspective one so I was determined to keep that going as a solo artist. I have a thing about my fans feeling cheated by not having the Clipse so I try to do my best Malice impersonation for them. I’m playing a double role – just for them!

STASHED: Stepping away from the documentary and into more of the music: This year is a major year for you, with being named president of G.O.O.D. Music and working on new material. Can we get confirmation that King Push is happening this year?
Pusha T: Yes, it’s definitely happening this year. I can promise you that.

STASHED: What are your plans for G.O.O.D. Music this year?
Pusha T: Personally? Getting these albums out. I started with the prelude with Darkest Before Dawn. We gotta get this Ye album out. The rollout of that is very important. Sean is ready as well. And King Push is going to be coming very, very soon.

STASHED: Is the release of [King Push] going to be at the end of this year?
Pusha T: No actually. Well hopefully, not. What I would like to have happen is another “Cruel Summer.” That’s what I would like to happen. We’re feverishly working towards that. I’m really hoping that it happens.

STASHED: What can we expect musically?
Pusha T: It’s getting super real. I mean look at the records that Ye just put out. “Real Friends” and “No More Parties In L.A.” have an aesthetic that is just real rap. It’s authentic. The purists are going to love everything that we’re doing. G.O.O.D. Music is the culture so I feel like this year – and every year – is the year for us. I mean if you look at the culture and what it’s doing, they’re always taking something from our pot. Whether it’s sneakers, fashion, music – I mean let’s just be honest! So it’ll definitely be a great year for us.

STASHED: The short film that you premiered before the release of Darkest Before Dawn, it felt kind of dark. And then the video for “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” came out, it was so maniacal! It was a weird side to you. What inspired that?
Pusha T: The entire rollout [for Darkest Before Dawn], it was inspired by the fact that I like to listen to my music a certain way. I’m always referencing my albums for that – especially Hell Hath No Fury. I sort of feel like my fans like to hear me like that, so I did this just for them. Solely for them. No radio records. I had the best in production, but even they went into their dark paths to produce this. I think it came off really great.

STASHED: Any last words on Autobiographies?
Pusha T: Expect a lot of insight on us four [Jackie Cruz, A$AP Ferg, Nigel Sylvester] as artists. It unveiled a lot for us and it’ll be very insightful for the ones that have been on this journey with us. Vice did a hell of a job. I’d absolutely do it again.

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