The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Pharrell Praises Beyonce’s New Album ‘Lemonade’: ‘We Need That In The World Right Now’

Pharrell Jay Z, Beyonce, Helen fdgfdgAs a coach on The Voice, Pharrell Williams is always on the lookout for the latest hot talent. But, at Monday’s taping of the singing competition, he couldn’t help but gush about music’s biggest headline: Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade. “She’s an artist and she’s expressed herself and I think it’s a beautiful piece of work,” Williams told ET’s Sophie Schillaci. “I think the theme, the overarching theme of forgiveness is just such a beautiful message and we need that in the world right now. We need it.”

The dramatic album, which debuted alongside an accompanying short film on HBO over the weekend, features intense themes of race, feminism, adultery and self-discovery. For Williams, Beyonce’s bravery in exploring such deeply personal topics is what makes the album as a whole so compelling. “I think what she’s done that is rare to mainstream media is [that] she took a singer-songwriter approach to her lyrics,” he explained. “There’s no fluff…


It’s the real thing and that’s awesome. One of the most disappointing things when you buy a bag of chips is like, when you open the bag and it’s only half-full of chips. She gave you a full, real installment and it was no fluff. There was no crumbs and it was good to the last drop.” A legendary producer in his own right, Williams wasn’t involved in the making of Lemonade, but appreciates the achievement on both a personal and technical level. “It’s just a really good musical emotional excursion, I think she did a wonderful job,” he gushed. “It’s Lemonade, so it had a little tang, but it had a lot of sugar. It was so sweet.”

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