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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Hannah Huston – I Call The Shots (P. Williams) (Official Video) (2016), Performs ‘Brand New’ With Pharrell

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Watch Hannah Huston’s official music video for “I Call The Shots” the original song she co-wrote with her The Voice coach, Pharrell Williams. “The video has a 60’s, 70’s kind of vibe,” Hannah says on the “making of” BTS video. “To sit down and have Pharrell write a song together, is surreal!” she adds. Hannah explains that the lyrics “kind of came from everything I had been learning on The Voice…Just being more assertive on The Voice and vocal about my music career.”

“This is an incredible moment for me, to get to do an original song, to work with a producer of our generation,” she said, in footage shot while she and Williams worked on the song called “I Call The Shots.” Williams said the song is a “beautiful story of confidence,” of Huston learning how to call the shots in her music career. “Everybody pay attention, this time I call the shots,” she sang, walking into the audience during her performance. “This time I know what I want. Last time I forgot. Everyone pay attention, this time I call the shots.”

Coach Adam Levine said it was fun to watch Huston and Williams work together throughout the season. “I’m just so happy for you,” he said. “It’s such an amazing process to see this guy work, it’s so amazing to see you take this song and turn it into one of the coolest things we’ve seen on the show,” he said. Friends, coworkers, students and strangers-turned-fans gathered in the Railyard Monday night to cheer on the Arnold Elementary preschool teacher-turned-reality-show star during her final performances.

In an interview aired between performances, Huston teared up as she talked about her students in Lincoln and their support. “They have been super important to me throughout this whole journey,” she said, mentioning a book they wrote her. Williams read it, then sent them videos. “They were just so happy.” She said the experience has made her change roles. “I was the teacher, but I feel like I’ve had to become the student again,” she said. “It really helps me see what music holds in my life.” Williams, who has commented repeatedly about Huston’s humility, did so again Monday. “You are out here with grace and humility and you lit up the stage in that beautiful red dress and with that beautiful voice,” he said. “Everybody vote this girl from Nebraska all the way through.”

It’s something Pharrell said to her in rehearsal, “You call the shots…” Now she has the sentiment set to song. The music video itself looks like something out of a 70’s late night music show. The only thing missing are the beaded curtains! She also performed a duet with Pharrell Williams track ‘Brand New’ from his latest album G I R L. All four finalists sang original songs as part of The Voice final performance show and Hanna finished 3rd. Make sure to cop the single on iTunes and check out the videos below.

Hannah Huston & Pharrell Williams – Brand New (Live On The Voice) (2016)

Hannah Huston – I Call The Shots (Live On The Voice) (2016)

Hannah Huston – I Call The Shots (Official Video) (2016)

Hannah Huston – I Call The Shots (Making Of…) (2016)


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