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Pharrell Williams x Interview (2018), Talks Fatherhood & #MeToo


Pharrell said carrying a child is “beyond anything a man can give back to the universe” ‘I’m in awe of my wife’: Pharrell Williams has spoken out about how fatherhood has changed him — and why he feels a “responsibility to the universe” to help new stars. The artist and producer, who will be 45 next month, has four children with his wife, model and designer Helen Lasichanh, 37.

She had their first son, Rocket, in 2008 and gave birth to triplets in January last year. Williams told ES Magazine: “I’m in awe of women and my wife. To carry another heartbeat inside your body for nine months — in my wife’s case she had four heartbeats — is beyond anything a man can give back to the universe.To give life. That’s something that has changed me, just the infinite amount of respect and gratitude I’m blessed with.”



Jon Favreau With Pharrell Williams, Chance The Rapper & Hanz Zimmer


Pharrell Williams x NDTV Interview (2018)

Pharrell Williams’ Clothing Line Collab With A Tribe Called Quest

It’s no surprise that Pharrell is a big fan of A Tribe Called Quest. Pharrell has always spoken about the inspiration he obtained from this Hip Hop group to pursue a career in music. Pharrell met the famous group in the 90s. Over the years, they developed a friendship eventually leading to Pharrell working with them on their album “Beats, Rhymes & Life.” Now they return with a clothing collaboration.

Consequence from ATCQ spoke on how the collaboration came to be. He stated, “We have a longstanding relationship with Pharrell. He’s publicly stated that he’s always been a student of the Tribe catalog and how “The Low End Theory” changed his life. We worked with him on “Beats, Rhymes and Life.” There’s always been this revolving door with Pharrell and Tribe. Even as of late, when the Grammy nominations came out, he was outside of Q-Tip’s video clip where he’s stating his displeasure with what happened, Pharrell took to Twitter to state how important Tribe was to him and to the culture as far as longevity in hip-hop. There has always been a respect there.”

The members of ATCQ recalled how they first met Pharrell when Ali Shaheed Muhammad began to bring him into the Tribe sessions. They describe their friendship with Pharrell as purely “authentic.” Consequence hints that there will be pure collector’s items for people. He follows, “It’s a dream collab to have Tribe and BBC together.Ali explains, “With regards to the fashion side of [the collab], we wanted to be able to offer our fans more than just the regular tour T-shirt, which you find everyone doing. We want to be able to offer things that people will wear outside of just going to a concert.”


Pharrell Williams x Vogue India Interview


The premise of this project is about looking to the future. What made you sign up?
When my agent Trey brought this proposal to me, I immediately started thinking about it. It falls in line with where I am and the kind of things I want to do with my life and my music. I was fascinated by its larger-than-life consideration. I realised that A) I’m not going 
to be here in 2117 to see what happens; B) The people causing this tumult will 
all be gone; C) I may as well write a postcard to them now, about how they 
are ruining it, instead of making it a boring call-to-action song. This project 
is actually very metaphorical. But life
 and music—and bringing the two together is what we do.

Tell us a little about ‘100 Years’. How do you ensure it’s relevant a century later?
Well, the thing is how much do we listen to music created a 100 years ago? If I knew where music would be headed even in ten years, then heck, I would play PowerBall! But yes, the song is super sarcastic. I wanted to call out all the pseudo scientists who don’t really seem to care about the ecosystem. It’s 106F in Los Angeles right now—that’s just crazy. So when you listen to it later you’ll see that it’s like a postcard saying, “Man, you really did it this time,” and then the second half of it is just me being angry and not holding anything back. I wanted to fight fire with fire.

A whole new generation will, hopefully, get to listen to this tune. What’s your advice for the children of the future?
Interestingly, I don’t think the next generation needs a message. They care about others, they are a part of the sharing economy, where it’s for the greater good. They don’t need to own a car—they’ll use Uber or Lyft. They don’t need to buy a big house—they’ll use Airbnb. The older generations were sold a version of the American Dream—picket fence, house, car—but these kids don’t follow those rules. They have a different appreciation, and they are conscious of having a more positive carbon footprint. The kids get it!

You are the 
first man to front
 a Chanel bag campaign and you’ve brought the house together with Adidas. What responsibility 
do you think the fashion industry has towards sustainability?
I’m not a fashion icon, I’m just a grateful participant. I think anyone who is making anything should be responsible to the ecosystem. We’re headed to Mars but all seven billion people cannot afford to go; in fact, I don’t even think the numbers would be 100 million. So as it stands, at least in this generation or lifetime, there’s only one place, and the only destination we have is this.

How do you live responsibly?
I’m not a tree hugger or a granola kind of guy—I may eat an acai bowl for breakfast but that’s as far as I get! But on a more serious note, I try to do as much as I can. I am grateful for my relationship with my living space and I try to respect it, be vigilant and responsible. That’s all we can expect from people.

I have to ask you about ‘Happy’—it made you the poster child for a sentiment.
I think I’m a perpetual optimist. I happen to believe in the positive aspects of humanity, and there is such a thing called order, even when things are chaotic—there is cause and effect. Like it or not, we have a solar system, and as long as there’s universal order we’ll be okay.

So what makes you really happy?
Self-awareness—the relationship with my creator, the universe, my family, and my work, that’s what makes me happy. Not having self-awareness, that’s hell; not knowing, not being able to decide why things are the way they are, that’s the centre of confusion.

Finally, your dream collaboration?
A Wes Anderson collaboration wouldn’t be bad!


Pharrell Williams x AskAnythingChat Interview (2018)

Pharrell Williams x GQ India Interview


GQ: Which was the first pair of trainers you ever bought?
Pharrell Williams: I am not making this up but golden adidas Laker low top Instincts. I was 16 and worked a whole summer at McDonald’s to buy those shoes on sale.

How does your style evolve as you get older?
Every three to six months, the silhouette changes but there’s a staple piece in the mix. Sometimes I say I’d never wear something again and then a designer makes a version of that piece and I’m back to wearing it.

Your favourite designers?
It’s a long list. Comme des Garçons. Nigo from Japanese label Human Made. Demna Gvasalia. Hedi Slimane is really talented. Phoebe Philo is a genius. Chitose Abe from Sacai is amazing. I love what Moncler do – one of my first collabs was with them. And, of course, Chanel.

What does style mean to you?
Style is essentially the by-product of what you are thinking and what you are feeling. You express yourself every time you put on something. Even if it’s the same thing every day.

How long do you take to get ready?
20 minutes but it takes longer in the shower for me. I’m a long shower guy. But I also ideate in the shower. My showers are more cerebral and imaginative than they are about cleansing. Cleansing is like the last five minutes.

What sparked the new collection?
We’re always trying to use our platform to give volume and visibility to different voices from different cultures and their aesthetic. You know? I thought if I’m the face of a brand, why not make humanity the face. Exploring different people from different places, from different diasporas. And so Holi was an amazing opportunity to make that happen. For me, people from Africa, which is all different colours and people from India, which is all different colours, are the most beautiful in the world.


Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals Tennis Hu ‘Multicolor’











Pharrell Williams x Nicolas Moore Photoshoot (2005)


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