Cassius releases second single off new album ‘Ibifornia’ produced by Pharrell. When the French duo released their first single ‘Go Up’ featuring Pharrell and Cat Power at the beginning of the year, they’ve also streamed their follow up single titled ‘The Missing’ that also features Pharrell on some vocals with Ryan Tedder and Jaw, you pretty much could tell that’s definitely produced by Pharrell, but we needed the credits, well thanks to Amy (‏@angelAmyV), it is indeed produced by Pharrell and will be released soon as Cassius’ new single, peep the tune below and make sure to Pre-Order it on iTunes, Ibifornia is due August 26th.

Cassius – The Missing feat. Pharrell, Ryan Tedder & Jaw (16′)

Cassius – Go Up feat. Pharrell & Cat Power (16′)

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